10 interesting facts about the “MOST-city” that you did not know
ИА МОСТ-Днепр  11 December 2018

Without exaggeration, the MOST-City shopping center can be called one of the most visited and loved places of city residents and visitors. This year, the SC celebrated its twelfth anniversary.

Check how well you are familiar with one of the most popular shopping centers in the city: we offer you 10 little known facts about the MOST-City shopping center.

1. The “MOST-City” shopping center was built in record time – 2 years.
2. At the time of its opening, the MOST-City shopping center was the largest
shopping center in Ukraine.The total area of ​​the complex is more than 117,000 m², including the business center, apartment center and parking.
3. The “MOST-City” shopping center had the first fountain in the Dnipro under the roof of a shopping center.

4. The only street escalator in the city is at the main entrance of MOST city shopping center

5. The “MOST-City” shopping center was founded by “Alef Estate” Company.
Within the properties/objects of the company are the multifunctional Complex “CASCADE PLAZA”, the trade and business complex “Bosphorus”, the business center “Prizma”, the trade and business complex “New Center”, and the multifunctional complex “Enigma”.

The founder of the company is businessman, Vadym Iermolaiev. He also became the creator and investor of Katerynoslavsky Boulevard.

6. During the construction of the “MOST-City” shopping center, a small
synagogue located in the development zone was preserved. The developer did not want to destroy the building, arguing that their mission is to build a new one, while preserving the historical values and sights of the city.

7. The MOST-City shopping and entertainment center is the first building in Ukraine, where the concept of retail real estate, parking, residential and office real estate was simultaneously created.

8. The MOST-City shopping mall received the nomination of “The Best Retail and Entertainment Complex of Dnipro” according to the 2018 Ukrainian People’s Prize. It also became the winner of the Ukrainian Retail Association Award with the nomination “The best middle class shopping center in Ukraine”

9. Automatic building management is used from the central control room.

10. In emergencies, the towers of the MOST-City shopping center are designed so people can be evacuated by helicopter from the roof of buildings.