Alef Estate installs the Atlas statue on new boulevard on Pivdenna street
Відкритий  5 October 2020

New pedestrian boulevard will appear soon on Pivdenna street in Dnipro city. This project will be implemented by Dnipro developer Alef Estate the investor of which Vadym Iermolaiev is.

The boulevard on Pivdenna street will become the stylistic continuation of Katerynoslavskyi boulevard which is called the “European area at the very heart of Dnipro city. The stream about 200 meters in length which will symbolize the underground river Polovitsa will be the special decoration of new boulevard. Seven-meter statue which will be located in new part of the boulevard will become another surprise for the city from Alef Estate. It is created by the famous Ukrainian sculptors, the authors of installations and art objects, Yehor and Mykyta Zihura. They reflect the historical heritage in their works. However, they also touch upon the present-day concepts, covering the problems of the global community.

“The Atlas”, how the authors called him, will become the embodiment of strength, freedom from conventions, dealing with severe obstacles and breaking of the restraining fetters.

“The Atlas comes into our view in some place which he already outgrew. He makes the trial move in order to come off this place, and the fetters break. It is fitting that he is not on the pedestal: his feet are on the same horizontal plane of "public space" where our feet are; this is the “agora”, where general meeting and council takes place: he came to us and he treats us as equals. He brought some news with him – and he is ready to hear us instead. Face of the Atlas expresses his assertiveness with which he takes this first step, and his assertiveness comes from his self-centerment.
Self-centerment is his glance. And the glance of the Atlas is intent, and staunch, and frank, and amazed, and maybe, more importantly, searching. We shall see ourselves in this particular glance fixed on us from the very eternity”, Yehor Zihura said about the monumental work.

It is worth reminding that it has been reported that Alef Estate implements the project of night-time lighting of the architectural monument on Katerynoslavskyi boulevard.

Reference: Alef Estate Company is a development company dealing with the development of business projects for the construction, sale and operation of commercial and residential real estate property.

“Alef” corporation incorporates cross-sectional businesses operating in the sector of development, manufacturing of construction materials and the agrarian field. Vadym Iermolaiev is a chairman of “Alef” corporation council. Stanislav Vilenskyi is a deputy chairman of the corporation council.