ALEF StartUP: set up own business with the support of the famous investor, Vadym Iermolaiev
Alef.Today  3 December 2020

ALEF corporation headed by the investor Vadym Iermolaiev launches the large-scale contest in Dnipro city since November, 9. The contest will be oriented to the support of the entrepreneurs who are ready to implement and to develop new projects in the field of the services market.

Everyone interested may register themselves for participation in the contest ALEF StartUP and to compete for the opportunity to become the holder of the unique prize – overall financing of own business idea from scratch or scaling of the existing business. The fundamental premise is the interesting and competitive project which will become really viable and profitable business in future.

“We look for the best professionals who are absolutely sure of their knowledge and who are sufficiently experienced in order to se up really competitive and profitable business, but who need the financial support for its implementation or
scaling", the contest organizers say.


Registration is free, so everyone interested may become the participant.
It is necessary to perform the following actions for participation in ALEF StartUP:

 To link to the website;
 to fill in the form of the participant;
 to attach your business plan;
 to prepare your project presentation.

The applications may be submitted within the period between November 9 and December 9. Afterwards (within the period between December 10 and December 17) the expert board of the contest shall perform the detailed analysis of the applications submitted, and based on the results of this analysis the projects of the participants will be provided for consideration by the investor (within the period between December 18 and December 25, 2020).


The investor is ready to finance the project from any sector of the services market. The main aspect on which the attention of the expert board will be focused is the experience, ability to prioritize the long-term solutions in business and to earn profit!

ALEF StartUP is an opportunity to embody brand new ideas in the following sectors:

��IT and telecommunications;
��mass media;

��PR and advertising services;
��electronic commerce;
��education, career;
��medicine, healthcare;
��energy-saving technologies, processing;
��management, business services;
��social services;
��entertainment, leisure activities;
��service sector;

There will be three winners of the contest. They will be invited to the personal meeting with the chairman of ALEF corporation council Vadym Iermolaiev upon completion of the process of evaluation, selection, and consideration of the offers by the investor, and they will be able to set up own business with his support.

If you think that your project may be viable, register yourself on the web site of the contest, and compete for your golden ticket to big business!

Reference. The “Alef” corporation is a business incorporation of the companies, the corporate strategy of which is based on the continuous improvement of the processes and the implementation of innovations. The enterprises of the corporation export their goods to more than 20 countries across the world.

The vector of enterprise development is oriented to the following fields: development, agricultural business, production of medical devices, construction materials, and seamless tubes.