An architectural discussion took place in Dnipro: architects of Kiev, Lviv and Dnipro discussed the landmark projects of the city
  13 October 2021

On July 28, Wednesday, the 21 stairs restaurant hosted an architectural discussion “METRONOME Dnipro”, which brought together architects and urbanists from major Ukrainian cities. The event was held as part of the presentation of the winners of the international competition REM AWARDS 2021.

The topic for discussion was the development of a comfortable public space. The architects spoke about the projects that have already been implemented, as well as about their ideas for the further development of Ukrainian cities, and, in particular, Dnipro.

The event was attended by famous architects Natalia Kashirina and Sergey Filimonov, they are also the authors of the project of the new Yuzhny Boulevard  in Dnipro. This year, their architectural bureau FILIMONOV & KASHIRINA architects won first place at the All-Ukrainian competition for the architecture of residential and commercial buildings REM Awards 2020-2021 with the project of the IFC “Ermolaev Center”. This multifunctional complex, like Yuzhny Boulevard, is being built by Alef Estate developer and its investor Vadim Ermolaev.

The architects told how Yuzhny Boulevard was designed and created. The team went through a huge amount of work before embarking on the transformation of Yuzhnaya Street. We found out what significance this place has in the town-planning ensemble of the city, studied the features of this location and more. Having learned from history that the Polovitsa River flows under the street, the authors of the project applied this information and represented it in the form of an artificial stream, which is recognized as the longest in Ukraine.

Natalya Kashirina said that the client company Alef Estate also planned to organize a media zone on the boulevard. It will appear at the beginning of the boulevard, which is adjacent to Shevchenko Street. Projectors will be installed there, which any visitor to the boulevard can launch through a mobile application. Media illumination is provided by the world famous company Expolight. In addition, the architect shared that in the future the boulevard will be extended – it will become twice as long.

“We contacted the best Ukrainian sculptors. The main task was to create a sculpture for the place. That is, the place generates objects, and not vice versa”, said Natalya Kashirina.

The architects recalled that Yekaterinoslavsky Boulevard, the continuation of which is Yuzhny Boulevard, is the first public pedestrian space in Ukraine, realized at the expense of a private investor.

Many guests of the event from all over Ukraine noted the dynamic development of Dnipro architecture in recent years.

The co-founder of AVR Development from Lviv, Roman Romanets, shared his impression of the city of Dnipro, where he visited for the first time thanks to this event:

The authors also talked about how they worked on the connection between the two boulevards of Yekaterinoslavsky Boulevard and the new Yuzhny Boulevard. Many ideas were “filtered” and the result was the Atlanta sculpture.

“I went to Dnipro, as to some kind of “mecca” of modern Ukrainian architecture. And I was not disappointed, this is a city with great potential.”

Dnipro chief architect Dmitry Volik noted that the increase in the number of pedestrian zones has a positive effect on the development of the Dnieper.

“I would like to note that such a competition as the Ukrainian Urban Awards has shown once again that Dnipro is in a leading position. This is pleasant, because we understand that in recent years, we have undergone qualitative changes in our approach to design. We understand that those fragments of the environment that we managed to implement in our city would not be ashamed to see in any decent city in the world. What we see on the boulevard, implemented by Sergei Filimonov and Natalya Kashirina, is the best voting result that can be imagined”, said Dmitry Volik.

The end of the forum of architects took place on Yuzhny Boulevard. Participants of the event exchanged experiences and walked near the Atlanta sculpture and the stream. It is worth noting that based on the projects presented, our city expects many interesting changes.