An innovative forging complex was installed at Vadym Iermolaiev’s factory in Dnipro  12 December 2018

In 2018, an innovative forging complex with automated control was installed at the Dnepropress Steel factory. New equipment can reduce the cost of human labour and at the same time increase the productivity of forging by 22 times.

This was reported in the press service of “Dnepropress Steel”.
“Ukrainian production should be developed, but this is impossible without modern technologies. Therefore, we are improving the technical equipment of our factories” – said Vadym Iermolaiev, co-founder of “Dnepropress Steel” LLC.

The forging complex consists of a press and a forging manipulator. The press has a force of 4000 tons. This allows for more accurate deformation of the workpiece. A forging manipulator (a machine that captures, feeds, tilts and makes other movements of heavy, hot billets and ingots) is capable of lifting weights up to 20 tons.

Such technical data of the new equipment allows carrying out the operation of
pulling ingots from carbon and corrosion steel of large diameters (up to 1630 mm) and large masses (up to 65 tons). The broach is necessary as a shaping operation, as well as an operation that promotes the infusion of internal defects (voids) and improves the mechanical properties of the metal in the axial direction of the workpiece.

The forging complex allows the settlement of ingots with large diameters – up to 1530 mm with a mass of 19.4 tons, i.e. reduce the height of the workpiece while increasing the cross-sectional area.

Large-scale reconstruction and re-equipment at the “Dnepropress Steel” Factory in Dnipro has been carried out since 2014. The company has a program of production modernisation, which is directly supervised by the co-founder of “Dnepropress Steel”, Vadym Volodymyrovych Iermolaiev.