“Be kind to the hostess”: the Alef Corporation has launched a social video about cleaning in Dnipro’s shopping centers
Информатор  13 October 2021

The Alef Corporation has set a new social project, which is created to make Ukrainians reconsider and respect simple human labor. The project is called “Be kind to the hostess”.

The heroines of the project are the cleaning ladies who really work in the Dnipro’s malls of the Alef Estate developer. In a video interview, they talked about themselves, about what they love and about their work, into which they put not only daily physical efforts, but also a piece of their soul.

All participants of the project are different. Some of them have been working only recently, for about a month, and others have come to Alef Estate since the opening of the MOST-City shopping mall in 2006. Indigenous people of Dnipro and newcomers. Shy and open. They are different, but they equally love the place where they work, and equally strive to make the visitors of shopping centers feel as comfortable as at home.

“We decided to introduce you to people whose work has great importance, although most often it goes unnoticed. To women who rarely become the heroines of interviews and videos, although, of course, they are worth it,” – the organizers of the project comment.

“Our people barely smile. We would like everyone to be glad and cheerful. To make our life easier,”- Olga Ivanovna, an employee of the MOST-City shopping and entertainment center, commented in the interview.

The social video appeared on the screens of the leading shopping, entertainment and business centers of Dnipro: MOST-City, Cascade Plaza, Bosphorus, Prisma.

Reference: Alef Estate is a development company that specializes in the development of business projects for the construction, implementation and operation of commercial and residential real estate property.

It is a member of the Alef Corporation. The Alef Corporation unites various businesses operating in the segment of development, production of building materials and agriculture. Head of the Board of the Alef Corporation – Vadim Ermolaev. Deputy Head of the Board of the Corporation Stanislav Vilensky.