Businessman Ermolaev demonstrated what is being built in the Dnipro instead of the “Cubometer”
Відкритий  13 October 2021

In the Dnipro, not far from the New Bridge, instead of the demolished shopping center “Cubometr”, they are building a trade and business center “Perekrestok”.

According to Vidkritiy, a photo of the construction site was published by the Dnipro developer Vadim Ermolaev. The height of the building, according to the businessman, will exceed 80 meters. “Work is underway to form a bridgehead, which will connect the central square of the city with the Dnipro embankment. One of the objects of this hub will be the Perekrestok shopping and business center. The building will be over 80 meters high. Retail premises, cafes and restaurants, offices will be located on its territory, as well as the roof of the building with a “green zone” open to the public”, Ermolaev writes on Facebook. Previously, the shopping center “Cubometr” was located here for several years. However, it was demolished. Now piles have been installed on the site of the future shopping and business center. 2 40

“To date, a set of works on the installation of bored piles has been completed. Work on the installation of concrete foundations and waterproof slabs is completed. As the citizens can see, two tower cranes are continuously operating at the facility. Now the work is being completed on the laying of concrete for the installation of the basement and first floor. At the same time, external waterproofing is being installed, which will “wrap” the underground part of the building in an impermeable shell, preventing the structures from being soaked”, the developer emphasizes.

Also, Vadim Ermolaev spoke about further plans for the construction of a new shopping center. “In the near future, work will begin on the construction of brick and aerated concrete walls; arrangement of routes for ventilation, heating and air conditioning systems. Also, equipment will soon be purchased and a transformer substation will be built for the future needs of the Perekrestok complex”, Ermolaev sums up.