Пресс-служба Вадима Ермолаева  3 February 2020

Staff shortage among vocational professions is deeply felt over the past two years. For example, only one applicant among slick workers who have special tools was accounted for by two vacant positions as of 2018.

Such a statistics gives evidence of an important problem existing on the labor market of Ukraine, in particular, the shortage of representatives of vocational professions.

Why ever is it so difficult to involve skilled laborers in the performance of blue-collar work and how can this situation be regulated?

Most of the analysts offer the following reasons:

1. Labor migration abroad

Labor force drain abroad is one of the fundamental reasons of staff shortage. Many people decided to try their luck in Europe after provision of visa-free regime to Ukraine due to the fact that payment for work and salaries are higher in Europe.

However, the positive aspect of labor migration should be also noted. The workers gain an important experience abroad; they embrace the technologies used in Europe and they apply the knowledge gained in their native country on their return to Ukraine.

2. Stereotype low prestige of these professions

The young generation chooses mostly office service rather than hard work at the factory. The most of them are clueless as to the fact that the laborers receive the respectable salary today; they work on the high-quality and safe equipment and have the social protection.

“Thinking about blue-collar work, young people imagine the dirty workshop, messy laborers who dream only of the end of their shift. They do not know how can they fulfill their potential efficiently at the up-to-date developing factories and they do not know which pleasure is to create value with own hands”, Vadym Iermolaiev, the council chair of the “”Alef” corporation

3. Low level of specialists training

The problem of lack of interest of youth in vocational professions is a problem with education which has to be received. As a matter of fact, the obsolete educational program lags behind the rate of technologies development; it is almost the same as it was in Soviet times. Moreover, it should be noted that much attention is given to theory rather than to practice during education of
specialists to-be.

How to make up for shortfall

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It is evident that it is necessary to provide the working people with rather high salary and good conditions for the purpose of the fast recruitment of employees at the factories and production sites.

However, these actions have to include also respect for the laborers and the improvement of their activity prestige.

For example, one of the enterprises in the neighboring Moldova started the vigorous activity related to the development of the corporate culture and paying attention to the formation of internal family values. As a result of this program, there is no loss of personal and people hold down their job.

Working upon in-house brand, it is important to enable each employee to feel like the part of large device and to understand that he/she is necessary and key. Many people look for not only money in profession; they also want to be proud of their work today.

Prestige improvement

Let’s start with determination of the benefits for young people brought by the vocational professions. The main one is to prove to young people that it is possible to get good wages doingblue-collar work, to move up the career  ladder, to have fixed job schedule, to know own rights and duties and to understand the goals and tasks set by the executives. As a matter of fact, the key to financial solvency of the laborers is a high professionalism which can be easily acquired performing a blue-collar work at the enterprise with a positive reputation and opportunities for personal fulfillment. The best thing is to get to know the reality through certain examples of those who succeeded as a professional already but move beyond.

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The “Alef” corporation launched the project «Heroes in work clothes» in order to regain the prestige of vocational professions after Soviet times in these days. The point of this information campaign is to show how the representatives of the vocational professions actually live, to present their unique stories and to give answer to the question why have they chosen this kind of activity among the wide range of professions. The project mission is to challenge the existing stereotype of low prestige of vocational professions at the enterprises.

The competition “The best in profession” is another way to improve the prestige of vocational professions used by the corporation. Such a tournament enables the employee to show themselves, to demonstrate their strengths, to gain a new experience and to improve the manufacturing processes. This enables every person involved to feel their importance and to find out that they are appreciated by the executives as qualified professionals.

It is also important to work upon the recruitment of the candidates into the ranks of laborers. It is necessary to use the system of bonuses for performance above the norm in order to increase the motivation of people for quality work and comfort staying at the workplace. The common activities in off hours, so-called team building is a great opportunity of the formation of the comfort microclimate in the corporation.

It is essential to involve the employees into goals and tasks setting; as they know the process from inside, they will help to draw proper plan for the achievement of the targeted results.

Person will be proud of himself/herself and to grow with the company when he/she feels like an important and key person at the work rather than a small cog in a big machine. As a matter of fact, the position of such employee does not matter.