Dnipro Downtown Will Change Its Face: Vadim Ermolaev Invests in a Large Renovation Project
  1 August 2019

Before long, Dnipro could get a new commerce and leisure centre: it is planned to build two mixed-used complexes, with the inner space landscaped, in one of the central quarters of the city. The project investor is Vadim Ermolaev.

It is referred to the quarter enclosed by Shevchenko, Yuzhnaya, Patorzhinskogo and Gogolya streets. Despite the fact that it is located in the very downtown (one quarter from the main avenue), most of it is in a dilapidated state.

From this perspective, Vadim Ermolaev, holding at once two sites in this quarter, has planned a comprehensive transformation of the territory. Filimonov&Kashirina Architects, Architectural Office have proposed a unified building concept, which includes the construction of two mixed-use complexes and improvement of Shevchenko Lane.

The project presented to the Dnipro City Planning Council has been unanimously approved and received a lot of positive feedback.

What Will Be the Functions of New Complexes?

It has been proposed to build two mixed-use residential and office complexes within the part of the quarter to be reconstructed.

Integrated social functions, such as trade, cafes, offices, parking lots, are planned for the substructure of both of them.

It has been proposed to build two high-rise bulks in both complexes: office towers will reach 14 floors, while residential towers will reach 19 floors each. In total, it is assumed that the complex will comprise 290 apartments and 230 offices.

The total area of the MUC in the Shevchenko Street will be 31 thousand sq. m, and the MUC at the intersection of the Yuzhnaya and Patorzhinskogo Streets will be 35 thousand sq. m.

In the MUC o in the Shevchenko Street, it has been proposed to create the first power three-tier parking in the city. Such a parking system will allow moving a car to different levels of storage automatically. The number of parking spaces is twice the needs of the complex: 330 instead of 170, which means that it will partially cover the needs of other buildings located in the quarter.

How Will New MUC Fit into the Overall Concept of City Development?

New facilities will be a follow-up of the City Wall urban development ensemble. The buildings will also emphasize the elevation of the relief, i.e. the beginning of the Central City Hill.

The style of the objects will be consonant with the buildings in the Yekaterinoslavsky Boulevard, also built by Vadim Ermolaev. This is due to the fact that the authors of the new projects (Sergey Filimonov and Natalia Kashirina) are committed to the same ascetic and pragmatic architecture, which was recognized by Alexander Dolnik, who designed many significant objects of the Investor. Quality materials and attention to detail will unite and expand the European corner of the city, which came true due to the investor’s efforts.

As conceived by the architects, the distinctive feature of new buildings will be their sharpness and obliqueness, due to the curvilinear Shevchenko Lane. According to the architects, this feature will reinforce the importance of the existing lane and combine two complexes into a single ensemble.

It has been proposed to create a landscaped green area inside the quarter where a children’s centre can be located.

It is assumed that reconstruction will be carried out in three stages. The first and second are the construction of two mixed-use complexes at43 Shevchenko Street and 9 Yuzhnaya Street.

The third stage is the transformation of the territory deep in the quarter to create a green space and a children’s centre.

It has been also already known about the investor’s plans to create a boulevard in the Yuzhnaya Street , which will be a continuation of thr Yekaterinoslavsky Boulevard. This project is closely related to the integrated quarter development.

Background Information: Vadim Ermolaev is called the main developer of Dnipro, who changed the city architecture. Vadim Ermolaev has invested in the creation of the Yekaterinoslavsky Boulevard and such facilities as Most City, Cascade Plaza, Bosphor, Enigma, Prism and others.