Dnipro Press Steel Plant of Vadym Iermolaiev was visited by a German business delegation
Деловая столица  1 August 2019

A German business delegation from Saxony-Anhalt visited Dnipro in order to find new partners for international cooperation.

The delegation included heads of German companies in the field of industry, construction, and companies involved in the distribution of products in the field of hydraulics, pneumatics and machine engineering.

The purpose of the visit was to get acquainted with the economic potential of Dnipro and find new Ukrainian business partners.

The German businessmen visited several companies in Dnipro. Dnipro Press Steel, a metallurgical plant with a full production cycle of forgings made of stainless, alloyed, heat-resistant steels and alloys, was one of them. A large-scale modernization program invested by prominent businessman Vadim Ermolaev has been implementing at the Company for several years.

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During their visit, the German guests learned about the products of the plant, as well as production facilities thereof. In particular, an innovative forging complex installed at the plant six months ago. The capabilities of the new equipment are large: the press has a force of 4,000 tons, and the forging manipulator is capable of lifting loads up to 20 tons. There is no such equipment anywhere else in Dnipropetrovsk region.

The meeting has been fruitful as it was noted at the plant.

“We see the specific interest of our potential business partners already.

We are happy to introduce foreign businessmen to new opportunities of our plant and come into the spotlight. Now the Company is undergoing great qualitative changes. Investment made in re-equipment allowed us to make cooperation with Dnipro Press Steel even more interesting for foreign partners,” Andrey Kozachenko, the Deputy CEO of Dnipro Press Steel for Sales, said.

Evgenia Boyko, the Head of the German-Ukrainian Cooperation Bureau, noted the importance of such visits for the development of the Ukrainian economy:

“We know first-hand that particular cooperation, which is beneficial for both parties, and for the economy of the region and the country, often emerges after such visits,” she said.