Информатор  23 March 2021

The construction of the multi-purpose complex Ermolaev Center started in Dnipro city this year; the project of this complex caused a stir and excited the interest of Ukrainian architectural community and, naturally, the city residents. Start of the complex sale is scheduled for May.

However, the entire Dnipro city already waits for the construction completion with interest. The customer of this project is the real estate development company Alef Estate. The author of the project is the architectural bureau “FILIMONOV & KASHIRINA architects”.

We had a talk with the architects of the project, Serhii Filimonov and Natalia Kashyrina in order to find out what is new and special in the project “Ermolaev Center”, what will it bring to the urban environment, which technologies and innovations were used during its development and what was the source of their inspiration during its creation.

Which principles and rules did you apply during work on the project of the multi-purpose complex “Ermolaev Center”? What were your ideas based on?

– Why do you think the facilities of “Alef Estate” look contemporarily even decades later? We try to find the balance between peak, trendy, and kitschy things and classic and something eternal at the stage of their design and construction. For example, the buildings located on Katerynoslavskyi boulevard are still considered to be trending and contemporary even 10 years after their construction due to the fact that the very same balance was found.

However, we can not say that this is classic due to the fact that such buildings do not look archaically; there are no ledges, balusters etc. The fake classic is a bad manner; person`s impression is confused because it is difficult to understand in which century the building was constructed. Alef Estate does not practice self-deception; it has a reputation of that particular company which is not afraid to construct the modern buildings. It is rightfully considered as one of the largest developers which maintains the reputation of Dnipro city as the city of the modern architecture.

How did you create the “Ermolaev Center” project? Maybe some special architectural approaches were used?

The main feature of the customer is the use of the durable, “eternal”, and high-quality materials. The clients understand that they purchase quality first of all in this case.

For example, we plan to use the Dutch brick in this particular facility. We have chosen the texture for a long time, and we would like to use the local material. But unfortunately, we do not have such variety of the structure and warranted quality. We chose the good German brand, and this brick allowed achieving the desired visual effect due to its mat and shimmering texture.

Moreover, the metal cases and the granite are also used on the faces. The translucent structures are the aluminium stained-glass windows. They are more durable and reliable than reinforced plastic. So, we use the “eternal” materials during construction of this complex due to which the appearance of the building will remain the same down the years.

We always ask the question “What makes this building different from others?”, “How will it be better?”, and such moments make our facilities one-of-a-kind.

We think that the extra features of the complex include the availability of the panoramic windows and French balconies in each room. The large dimensions of the insulating glass units and the absence of unnecessary horizontal sashes enable the person to enjoy the beautiful views of our city without impediments (Dnipro river is seen from some apartments). The glass enclosures of the French balconies enhance the effect of the beautiful view from the apartment.


The combination of the business tower and the residential complex may be called as the concept “city in the city”? Does the future in the construction belong to the unification of such various courses?

This question is topical for the architects as well due to the fact that the customers understand that the potential residents reconsider their lifestyle under the conditions of pandemic; consequently, it shall be taken into account during provision of real estate to them. We saw and felt clearly within this period the problems which may arise when the main locations in person’s life (home, work, place of rest) are in the various parts of the city. Due to this fact we received the request how to do such a place where person can live, work and rest; where everything is located nearby, and it is not necessary to spend much time for travel and route development.

However, there is some subtle aspect in this scenario – the person shall not be tired of constant staying at the same place. This is the reason why we did not concentrate all functions in one building but divided them into various ones. It seems like you stay at the same place but you can differentiate the working place and home.


What inspired you to the creation of “Ermolaev Center” complex?

We followed the desire to bring the values, standard of living and comfort, accessible for the residents of the Nordic countries, to our city. Why have we paid our attention to the Nordic countries? The fact is that these particular countries have the lead in comfort and quality of urban environment recently. The laconic design, high level of improvement, and high-quality materials are the distinctive elements of the Scandinavian style. All of this you can find also in Ermolaev Center.

As a matter of fact, Vadym Iermolaiev (editor’s note: investor of the Alef Estate company) is the sole private investor who constructed the pedestrian boulevard (editor`s note: Katerynoslavskyi boulevard) in the city which still impresses the foreign architects. It was not necessary to explain to him the importance of continuation of development of such areas and high requirements to them.


What the perfect living space of XXI century shall look like?

The concept of the “perfect home” is unique for each person. Search for the universal solutions which will be suitable for the most people is the distinctive feature of the home design in the large complex. The flexibility of the space-planning solutions provided for in the project enables to create own perfect home taking into account the individual needs of each family.

There is a trend towards stepping up the requirements for the level of improvement of the adjacent territory and common areas (lobby and passages) in these recent times. People begin to understand that their home extends beyond the entrance door; they consider place of their living in an integrated manner.

As to the business tower of “Ermolaev Center”; the green terraces are assumed to be there. What is your purpose in doing that? Do you want these people to be able to take a rest there during the working day?

Yes. People were afraid of such terraces; they did not want to construct them as far back as five years ago; it was not in such fashion like today. The office part of Ermolaev Center has the complex configuration and several terraces: there is the wide terrace for all employees and guests of the office tower on the roof of the 4 st storey, and there are the private terraces on the 8 th and 11 th storey. The architectural and constructional decisions provide an opportunity of growth of large trees on the shared terrace; these trees will allow achieving the maximum comfort for people staying there and they will protect them from sun.

Heart of the complex– garden on the stylobate

What will the internal improvement of the yard look like?

We think that the improvement includes not only the yard on the stylobate but also the adjacent territories (streets and lane). The project provides for the renewal of the lost landscape gardening of Shevchenko street and reconstruction of Shevchenko lane – the roadway will be extended; the sidewalks will be made, and the tree will be planted. The territories of the adjacent facilities will be also improved when the comprehensive approach to the improvement design is used. We developed the unified concept for several facilities where the same material is used; the species composition of the trees planted is the same; the tree grates are of the same type etc. Such a solution forms the continuous green space within the quarter and combines the facilities into the uniform ensemble visually.

As to the stylobate directly. It is divided to several areas functionally: entry area with big arch, granite stairs, and moving staircase; transit area – wide entrance to the lobby of the office tower with the sculpture at the end; area of quiet rest – garden with great number of trees and bushes.

We call it the “heart” of the entire complex. The shrubs and wide-branching trees of different height are used in the landscape gardening. Their species composition takes into account the level of illumination, complexity of care, and the aesthetic characteristics during the entire year.

Moreover, the close interaction of the landscape gardening and illumination is assumed to be. The main focus in the garden illumination is on the lighting of large trees due to the fact that the large roofing pie will be arranged and the unique system enabling the roots of the trees to grow without restriction under the entire pavement of the stylobate will be applied there like on the terrace of the office part.

I can say that nobody improves the territory like Alef Estate; this is some kind of special feature. 

The outstanding feature is the interaction of modern architecture and art

What about the art objects? Will some installation be there within the territory of “Ermolaev Center”?

Availability of the art objects enhances the emotional impact of the environment on the person; the building becomes the complementary background for the sculpture perception, and vice versa. The dialogue held between two facilities, the building and the sculpture, induces emotions from people. They can or can not perceive something new.

However, they will certainly ask the questions. And we look for this incentive to self talk and awakening of the “internal philosopher”. The Atlas sculpture located in the same quarter together with the residential complex “Katerynoslavskyi” is the perfect example of the successful symbiosis of the monumental art and architecture.

We also suppose that there will be some installation in Ermolaev Center; currently it is at the stage of development.


Please tell us which parking space will be provided for the residents of the “Ermolaev Center” complex and those who will work in the office tower?

Three-storied system of mechanized parking is innovative. We integrate it inside of the building; this is the absolute innovation in Dnipro city; and this parking space is one of the largest according to the number of parking lots (about 300). However, do not confuse the automated and mechanized parking. In the first case person parks his car, pushes the button, and this person can`t really say where his/her car is. And in such case this person will be able to see his/her car; he/she will have to drive it to the platform which will rise and lower with the use of certain mechanism. So, the parking spaces will be reserved for the owners of the apartments. Naturally, certain workers will be hired; they will help to deal with it. Currently we negotiate with the manufacturers of the systems about increase in dimensions of the platform for the ease of getting into/out of the car.

We think that the importance of such parking spaces in our real life will be justified. Probably, it can be even said that this is the parking space of the future.


What will the “Ermolaev Center” mean for Dnipro city?

The important thing is that Ermolaev Center is one of the facilities of the concept of transformation of the greater part of the quarter, and reconstruction of the global territory which will be continued.

Moreover, the work in this quarter is the continuation of transformation of this part of the city in the context of which Cascade Plaza, Bosphorus, and Enigma set the high level of architecture and life quality.

For example, there is the City in London; this is the district with certain quality of life regardless of any economical perturbations in the country. This place always was an icon of reliability and good level. You should go there if you want to get high-quality service, place of living and work.

This is not just one building; this is certain environment with the best standard of living in the city. The same situation will be here; it will be the best that you can get in Dnipro city.

Official sales department of Alef Estate:

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