Ermolaev Is Planning to Build the First Automated Multi-Storey Parking in Ukraine in the Dnipro
ДнепрЧас  19 August 2019

Businessman Vadim Ermolaev is planning to build the first automated multi-storey parking in Ukraine in Dnipro. Such parking system allows moving the car to different storage levels automatically.

The entrepreneur told thereof in an interview given to blogger Andrew Ostapchuk.

The businessman emphasized that mechanized parking can save about three times the area for one parking lot, DS reports.

vadym iermolaiev

“It is impossible to build a parking lot of less than 35 sq. m in an ordinary building, because there are entrances, exits, ramps and the so-called “inconvenient spaces”. Automatic parking allows placing one car on an area of 11 sq. m. The cost of such parking is the same as of 35 sq. m per car. That is, there is no benefit in money. But the benefit is that it is possible to make more parking lots on the same square. There is a deficit in them, and it will be growing over the years,” Vadim Ermolaev said.

The construction of a mechanized parking is planned during the construction of a new complex of buildings in the Dnipro downtown under the working title of IT House.

“This is a complex of two buildings and a stylobate part: an office building,
a residential building and a huge automatic parking in the stylobate part. I believe this will be the first real automatic parking in Ukraine,” Vadim Ermolaev said.

It is worth reminding that the construction of automated multi-storey parking lots in Ukraine is allowed by the state building regulation Parking Lots and Garages of July 1, 2019.