Iermolaiev’s Factory In Dnipro Baught Unique Printing Equipment
«Деловая столица»  17 August 2018

The Dnipro cardboard packaging “LUNAPAK” factory has bought unique
equipment of a new generation – the KBA Rapida 106 printing machine, which is the only one in this configuration and with such a range of possibilities not only in Ukraine, but also in Europe.

The emergence and installation of state-of-the-art equipment at the Dnipro factory became possible thanks to two components: the desire of the LUNAPAK company to remain the leader in the Ukrainian segment of cardboard packaging production and the all-round support of this desire by the founders. It was one of them – Dnipro entrepreneur Vadym Iermolaiev, known for his large-scale innovative projects, made an investment and helped realise the bold plans of the company’s technicians who dreamed about the latest generation printing machine.

“Two years ago we visited the specialised exhibition DRUPPA-2016 in
Düsseldorf, which is held every 4 years and determines the development vectors of the global printing industry for the next few years,” says Roman Zynoviev, deputy director of sales at the “LUNAPAK” factory. – “So that you can imagine the scale of the event, I’ll only say that the exhibition is held on an area equal to 10 football fields, and its importance for printers can be compared with participation in the Olympics for athletes. After that, we decided to buy new printing equipment that meets the latest trends in the field of offset and hybrid offset printing. This required a certain configuration of the printing machine, which still had no analogues.”

For half of the year, engineers from leading world manufacturers, such as KBA,
Heidelberg, MAN Roland, Mitsubishi worked on the development of the necessary parameters and options for the equipment. As a result, the optimal technical solution and commercial offer was presented by the German company KBA. It was its press Rapida 106 at the end of 2017 that was installed in the Dnipro factory.

“The technical characteristics of this equipment are unique!”, Says Roman Zinoviev. – “If in a few words: Rapida 106 makes it possible to produce modern European-class packaging (bright, high-quality, with various effects) at an adequate,“ Ukrainian ”price. An added bonus is that the machine has an automatic quality control system that allows you to optimize the production process as much as possible.”

Thanks to innovative equipment, Dnipro not only maintains leadership in the
Ukrainian segment of its industry, remaining the only or main suppliers of
cardboard packaging for such major national and multinational companies as
Roshen, Nestlé, Proctor and Gamble, L’Oreal, but also has already entered the
European market, having received an order for the manufacture of packaging for sweets “Bonbonetti” (Hungary). And staff of the “LUNAPAK” company believes that this is only the beginning, because with the new high-tech machine, acquired with the investment support of Vadym Iermolaiev, there are no impossible tasks for them in the field of printing.

For reference: the KBA Rapida 106 printing machine provides the ability to print on both conventional coated cardboard and metallized cardboard and plastic. The range of printed materials covers thin paper, thick cardboard, film and micro corrugated cardboard. Printing is possible on both sides of the sheet in one pass.

The machine consists of ten sections, the first and last of which are lacquer, which makes it possible to prime the cardboard before printing, then seal it, and at the end to varnish it. In addition to the CMYK inks, the eight print sections allow the overlay of four additional optional colors of the Pantone system.

The print format of the Rapida 106 is 1060×780 mm. This makes it possible to lay out more packaging on a sheet, which reduces the cost of the finished product. The equipment has a print quality control system using video recording. The machine itself monitors the color and automatically adjusts it.