Alef.Today  19 January 2022

Vadym Volodymyrovych Iermolaiev is a successful businessman, investor, head of the board of the Alef Corporation, whose member companies have been worthily representing Ukraine on world markets in various industries for many years.

On New Year’s Eve, journalists talked to Vadym Iermolaiev and found out what events have become significant for him and his businesses, as well as about plans for the coming year 2022.

Coming to the end of 2021. What do you remember about him?

Well, in general, a year is like a year. Probably, this year there were high hopes that the pandemic would end. In the second half of this year, economic activity began in the country and in the world – everywhere. And here we are again, another wave of this pandemic.

Let’s hope that the world win it.

Yes, we all hope so, because for all of us it is very important.

Are you already making plans for the next year?

Plans for the next year follow from plans for this year. We will continue several of our major construction projects, such as the Perekrestok building and the building at 43 Shevchenko Street. These are our plans.

Excellent and very ambitious plans. Please tell us, regarding what happened in the city and the country as a whole, what do you consider the most significant events in 2021?

The construction of an airport has begun in Dnipro – this is a very important and long-awaited event, which all the residents probably expect and can’t wait for when this will happen and our country will nevertheless build a new airport for us. As it is extremely inconvenient to travel from Dnipro to Zaporizhzhia or Kharkiv to fly to another country. There are also many changes in Dnipro itself. The city government unusually, with zeal and quality took up the reconstruction of streets, parks, squares – which has not been observed in our city for the past decades. I am surprised how professionally and efficiently this is all done – just great.

And in the country as a whole? Can you note something for yourself?

Yes, there are a lot of roads being built in the country. Of course, there are not so good things. As a businessman, I don’t really like the rise in gas and electricity prices. And if gas is a global trend, then the rise in the price of electricity is somehow strange.

We hope that this issue will be resolved next year.

I really hope that our state will find a way to solve the issue, at least with electricity.

Tell me, the pandemic has made a lot of adjustments to the business, in particular, most likely to the construction industry. Can you estimate how much more difficult it has become to work differently this year compared to previous years?

I would not say that it has become somehow more difficult. The cost of construction materials and human resources has risen sharply. I can say that there is a lot of competition. Today, builders have to do their work better and better, because the buyer is picky – it looks, chooses, and not only in terms of price and quality, so we have to think about it very much. 

Has purchasing power declined due to the pandemic?

You know, I don’t think so. I think it remained the same.

You said that the buyer has become more selective. In this regard, I cannot help but ask the following question. Are there any trends that buyers are now more responsive to? That is, some special conditions under which your property is more competitive in the market?

I think these are global trends, not only Ukrainian or Dnipro. Buyers want the buildings to be multifunctional, to have all sorts of options, very beautiful landscaping near the buildings, with some kind of attractions. For example, we have now built a building at 51 Shevchenko Street and made Yuzhnyi Boulevard next to it. Those people who bought apartments there really like it. They leave the house and immediately find themselves on a well-maintained boulevard. Usually people walk there until 12 o’clock at night, with lights, fountains. I sometimes go there in the evening and I really like it when children swim in the stream in the summer.

In principle, can we say that now the buyer acquires not only housing for itself, but also landscaping around it?


Do you think this can be considered a good sign that since there is a demand for improvement in general, cities, in principle, will become more and more beautiful?

Yes, that’s right. The developer will do better and better landscaping, there will be competition. Each next will try to do better than the previous one. Of course the city will benefit from this. And not only those people who will live in this place will win, other citizens will also use it all – these are public places.

Vadym Volodymyrovych, tell me: big business in Ukraine – how difficult is it to run?

I would not say that we have a big business. I think it’s still average. Well, we’re trying, we’re doing it.

Have there been any changes/improvements in the work itself over the years?

Yes, we are constantly working on it. We are constantly trying to look for ways to automate, robotize physical and technological processes in order to use less and less human labor. Because when there are fewer people and more automation at the enterprise, then we have the opportunity to pay these people more. Well, the human factor, which is still present, is leaving – a person is a person.

Quite a successful and busy businessman. How do you find time for the holidays in general and is it real in your life at all?

Oh sure. New Year, other holidays we celebrate.

How do you celebrate New Year?

Usually in Dnipro, at home, with family. And this year is no exception.

That is, do you always celebrate this holiday at home?


In your opinion, where is it better to celebrate the New Year: abroad or at home?

I think that the New Year is best to celebrate at home with family, loved ones and friends.

What could you wish to the people of Dnipro in the New Year?

For the New Year, at least, be better than the previous one, because you always want this. For life to be an ascending line. Therefore, I want to wish you that with each new day, month, year, there will be improvements in your life – In work, in achieving goals, in your favorite business. Be happy, may you and your loved ones be healthy and 2022 will be a fruitful and meaningful period. Happiness, health, all the very best.