Innovative plant of Vadym Iermolaiev becomes the centre of industrial tourism
Аргумент  16 May 2019

First in Ukraine dental implants manufacturing plant ABM Technology became the object of keen interests of tourists. As far back as one year ago tours of the plants were conducted only for medical workers and students. However, ordinary fans of industrial tourism may visit the plant today.

Such changes in plant’s policy were caused due to initiative of the most curious tourists. Web-site of the plant contains the certain page designed for registration of medical workers for excursions. However, according to the words of brand manager of the enterprise, they were surprised when many people who are not related to medical profession in any way expressed their wish to visit the plant.

“We received more and more requests from ordinary Ukrainians who were
interested in seeing the process of implants manufacturing. Naturally, we did not refuse them. Such an interest made us to think about the fact of conducting of regular excursions for all comers”, – said Anastasiia Bardasova, brand manager of the enterprise.

завод ABM Technology

ABM Technology plant was put into operation in Dnipro in 2018. This is one of
few Ukrainian integrated enterprises manufacturing advanced technology products. Start of innovative production was invested by Vadym Iermolaiev.

“Industrial tourism culture is popular in European countries. It is also typical for Dnipro, being “the industrial heart of Ukraine”. This is the part of city`s public

Modern Dnipro may show to the tourists not only post-Soviet “old industry”, but also the real innovative enterprises where virtually all processes are automated, and every manufacturing stage includes software item”, points out Ihor Tsyrkin, partner and CEO of the plant ABM Technology.

Today special excursions are conducted for fans of industrial tourism at the plant. They are able to understand in simple phrases the process of medical devices manufacturing.

“Hardly a week goes by without excursion, or even two or three at our plant. Our enterprise is socially responsible, so our doors are open for ordinary Ukrainians or foreign tourists. It is our policy to make efforts so that Ukraine will be able to lose status of “raw-material appendage”. Today we are ready to show everybody that it is possible”, Anastasiia Bardasova said.

Brand manager of the enterprise considers that it is important for Ukrainian enterprises to pursue the policy of transparency. As a matter of fact, this not only enhances the confidence to the products of the enterprises, but also improves the image of the Ukrainian production.