Neonatal center in Dnipro received scarce medical supplies as a gift for St. Nicholas Day
Днепр вечерний  18 December 2018

On the eve of St. Nicholas Day, the company Miroplast, one of whose investors is Vadym Iermolaiev, donated medical materials for the neonatal center of the regional children’s clinical hospital (Kosmicheskaya)

The company presented the clinic with polyurethane catheters for short and medium term infusion therapy, as well as radiopaque polyurethane catheters for long term venous access.

These catheters are inserted peripherally (PICC Line). They are also called central lines for newborns. Unlike conventional catheters, these materials do not cause complications and are safe for babies.

Now there is only one department of anesthesiology and intensive care for newborns in the region. Every day they receive children in critical condition, including those who are very premature, and those who require immediate surgical intervention.

Medical materials used to save babies are rather scarce, but important for saving the lives of young patients. Therefore, the management of the Miroplast company together with the investor Vadym Iermolaiev decided to provide the centre with assistance and purchase the necessary medical equipment.

“By our example, we want to urge partners and colleagues not to be indifferent, especially when it comes to the life and health of the future generation,” said the company.