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Mission of the Alef Estate company is to change the city image, and the employees like to do it together with Vadym Iermolaiev: interview with HR- director

Alef Estate is a company known as the trendsetter in the development of the urban space of Dnipro city.

12 November 2020   

The “MIROPLAST” company was acknowledged as the leader of Ukrainian PVC-profile market

The “MIROPLAST” company which is the member of the “Alef” corporation was acknowledged as the leader of the Ukrainian market in terms of PVC-profile production volume according to the research made by the company Pro-Consuling.

5 October 2020   

“OSCAR” expanded its sales geography: 21 country import the pipes of the Ukrainian plant

The pipe plant “OSCAR” which is the member of the “Alef” corporation expanded its presence on the global market. Currently the products of the plant are exported into 21 world country, the most of which are the members of the European Union. Moreover, India and South Korea also import the pipes of the Ukrainian plant. And the “OSCAR” plant succeeded in the entrance to the USA market for the first time in 2019.

12 August 2020   Вести

Vadym Iermolaiev launched the construction projects in Dnipro city: which transformations our city waits for

Alef Estate, the company of Vadym Iermolaiev, the famous Dnipro developer made public announcement of the start of construction of at once several new facilities in the city. Some of them waited for the start of construction within more than ten years.

12 August 2020   Вести

Innovative plant of Vadym Iermolaiev becomes the centre of industrial tourism

First in Ukraine dental implants manufacturing plant ABM Technology became the object of keen interests of tourists. As far back as one year ago tours of the plants were conducted only for medical workers and students. However, ordinary fans of industrial tourism may visit the plant today.

16 May 2019   Аргумент