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Innovative plant of Vadym Iermolaiev becomes the centre of industrial tourism

First in Ukraine dental implants manufacturing plant ABM Technology became the object of keen interests of tourists. As far back as one year ago tours of the plants were conducted only for medical workers and students. However, ordinary fans of industrial tourism may visit the plant today.

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10YearsChallenge in Dnipro: how has the city changed?

The businessman Vadym Iermolaiev showed how the Dnipro had changed in
recent decades thanks to the projects developed by “Alef Estate”, the Company founded by him.

“More than 10 years challenge through the eyes of Alef Estate Team. We have managed to do things, which couldn’t seemingly be done at all”, – the businessman wrote on Facebook.

Vadym Yermolaiev has published photos of the buildings built by his Company, as well as photos of these places before construction.

cascade plaza

The Katerynoslavsky Boulevard and the Multi-Purpose Complex “Cascade Plaza” were the parking places till 2004.

Как выглядел Днепр до строительства мост-сити

ТРК Мост-Сити в Днепре

Днепр до строительства Мост-Сити

Мост-Сити башня

This is what the place looked like before the construction of the “MOST-city”, the most popular shopping center in Dnipro”:

как выглядело здание где сейчас находится бизнес-центр Призма

деловой центр Призма в Днепре

The Alef Estate built the “Prisma” Business Center in 2007. During construction, it was possible to preserve the facade of the old building and integrate it into a modern structure.

Reference: Alef Estate is engaged in the creation of commercial, office and residential real estate starting from the development of a design project to commissioning of construction and its further maintenance. The Company has implemented such large-scale constructions as “Bosfor”, “Enigma”, “Prisma”, ““New Center”, “MOST-city”, and “Cascade Plaza” in Dnipro.

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