NV rating. Top-30 of the greatest Dnipro influencers
Новое время  1 October 2019

NV magazine with the help of experts made the list of top-30 of the greatest influencers among Dnipro residents. This list includes the multimillionaire, the rabbi counseling them, the politicians who have shady past and future and businessmen.

Dnipro is not simple city. It is motherland of secretary generals, presidents, prime-ministers, billionaires, leaders of political clans and various deputies.

Moreover, it is a centre of big industry and great capitals. It is the large point on the map of the country which lost some part of letters in its name over recent years and turned into vanguard of Ukrainian nationhood in the south and south-east.

Dnipro is important for the country due to these particular facts.

There are both regional pride and financial ambitions as in every reach and large provincial center (almost million of people lives in Dnipro city). Moreover, there are local barons, and this environment always fostered people who came to the national level and keep doing it.

Dnipro is interesting due to its people. NV presents TOP-30 of the greatest influencers among them –the editorial staff made this list with the help of experts.

1. Hennadii Korban, businessman, ex-head of UKROP party.

2. Oleksandr Petrovskyi, businessman, founder of international charity fund “Solidarnist”.

3. Borys Filatov, mayor of Dnipro city.

4. Shmuel Kaminetskyi, chief rabbi of Dnipro city and Dnipropetrovsk region.

5. Sviatoslav Oliinyk, first deputy head of Dnipropetrovsk regional council.

6. Andrii Pavelko, president of Ukrainian Football Association, ex-deputy of Verkhovna Rada.

7. Oleksii Martynov, co-owner of Privat group.

8. Hennadii Butkevych, co-owner of ATB corporation.

9. Vadym Iermolaev, businessman, founder of Alef company.

10. Hlib Pryhunov, head of Dnipropetrovsk regional council.

11. Mykhailo Koshliak, businessman, president of regional judo federation.

12. Valerii Kiptyk, co-owner of Varus and Eva supermarket chains.

13. Oleksandr Sanzhara, secretary of Dnipro city council.

14. Hennadii Hufman, businessman, leader of municipal organization of party “Za zhyttia” (For life).

15. Artem Romaniukov, head of Executive Board of Public organization Platform “Hromadskyi control” (Public control).

16. Mykhailo Lysenko, deputy mayor of Dnipro city.

17. Ivan Kulichenko, ex-mayor of Dnipro city, ex-deputy of Verkhovna Rada.

18. Valerii Kondratiev, president of basketball club Dnipro.

19. Oksana Petrovska, artistic director of Dnipro national academic Ukrainian music and drama theatre named after T.H. Shevchenko, mother of Oleksandr Petrovskyi.

20. Artur Mikhno, co-founder and head of Work.ua site.

21. Zahid Krasnov, businessman, deputy of Dnipro city council.

22. Yurii Bereza, military man, ex-deputy of Verkhovna Rada.

23. Viacheslav Poezdnik, Dnipro activist, founder of ZOV web-site (the law applies to everyone without discrimination).

24. Serhii Voit, CEO of Pivdenmash.

25. Denys Dzenzerskyi, ex-deputy of Verkhovna Rada.

26. Oleksandr Diehtiariev, CEO of the state enterprise Design Office “Pivdenne”.

27. Borys Kholod, founder and president of Alfred Nobel University.

28. Hennadii Pivniak, rector of Dnipro University of Technology.

29. Mykhailo Melnyk, founder, stage director and actor of One-man Theater Kryk.

30. Yakiv Konstantynovskyi, director of Dnipro branch of EastOne group of companies.