“OSCAR” expanded its sales geography: 21 country import the pipes of the Ukrainian plant
Вести  12 August 2020

The pipe plant “OSCAR” which is the member of the “Alef” corporation expanded its presence on the global market. Currently the products of the plant are exported into 21 world country, the most of which are the members of the European Union. Moreover, India and South Korea also import the pipes of the Ukrainian plant. And the “OSCAR” plant succeeded in the entrance to the USA market for the first time in 2019.

The European enterprises of the aerospace, nuclear, chemical and energy industries are the key consumers of the products of the plant. The executives of the plant say that the growth of the sales geography became possible partly owing to the constant work on the improvement of the quality management system for compliance with the requirements of the international standard EN 9100. The enterprise was under the last recertification audit in this May and currently it waits for obtainment for the new certificate for a term of 3 years.

The remarkable thing is that the enterprise is included into the prestigious base of suppliers of the aerospace industry OASIS. In particular, the Ukrainian plant may supply the seamless pipes made from stainless steel, titanium and nickel alloys to the largest global aeroconcerns.

The following industrial processes of the enterprise were certified according to the Nadcap international programs: heat treating, chemical processing and non destructive testing by the methods of ultrasonic control and technical incoming control.

Vadym Iermolaiev, the chairman of the “Alef” corporation council said that the constant implementation of the modern technologies also enables the plant to carry out the pipes supply into the European countries. In particular, the automated installation of non-destructive testing of pipes from the American producer MAC (Magnetic Analysis Сorporation) was implemented at the production site in 2020.
New close control equipment enabled to increase the efficiency at the quality assurance stage three-fold due to process optimization: the pipes are analyzed for metal continuity, pipe pressurization and availability of defects during one passage through MAC installation.

Reference: “Alef”corporation incorporates cross-sectional businesses operating in the sector of development, manufacturing of construction materials and the agrarian field. Vadym Iermolaiev is a chairman of “Alef” corporation council. Stanislav Vilenskyi is a deputy chairman of the corporation council.