Science and Business: Medical Implant Plant and Scientists Sign a Memorandum o Joint Development of New Generation Metal
Информатор  2 November 2021

On Tuesday, October 12, the country’s only full-cycle plant for the production of medical implants ABM Technology and scientists signed a memorandum of the joint development of a new metal. It is an alloy of titanium and zirconium, which will mark the beginning of a new stage in the development of medicine. It is planned to be used to create dental and trauma implants.

Oleksandr Ovchinnikov, Ph.D., Professor, Titanium and Zirconium Specialist, PJSC, Institute of Titanium, Igor Tsyrkin, General Director of ABM Technology, Sergey Moiseev, Founder of Global Inzhiniring NGO, Yuri Poluvyanov, Director of DEL LLC (Czech Republic) and Julia Kovaleva, Ph.D., director of “International Institute for Scientific and Technical Development in Medicine” said about the advantages and features of the development in the media center Informator.

Oleksandr Ovchinnikov said that Ukraine occupies a leading position in some scientific areas, as well as in medicine. For instance, the company ABM Technology, which is a member of the corporation “Aleph”, is a leader in the production of dental implants of European quality and the first plant in Ukraine, which is included in the ranking of top companies in the world. However, looking at international practice, it is important to note that in medicine, as in other fields, development is important. After all, no company engaged in the production of implants stands still. The geometry of implants, surfaces and materials improve. And the task of ABM Technology is to create a metal that will surpass the existing ones.

“The company produces implants at the highest level. But they are thinking about the future – about creating implants that will have innovative properties and advanced solutions that will increase the level of strength and osseointegration. Our interests converged in this. To create a new generation of material, it is necessary to unite several players in this direction. We need to offer something fundamentally new that will allow us to make a leap forward. These are alloys of the new generation (low-modulus) which together with high mechanical, biochemical characteristics possess special properties. Such as the modulus of elasticity, which is similar to the elasticity of human bone. Before embarking on the creation of a new alloy, it is necessary to develop production technology. That’s why we have gathered such a company to solve important issues – equipment, alloy production, technology and, of course, implants, “explained the titanium and zirconium specialist of PJSC” Institute of Titanium “.

Igor Tsyrkin noted that ABM Technology has chosen the field of medicine for its activities, which is very responsible. Because the well-being of people who turn to medical institutions depends on it. Also, medicine, like the rocket industry, is the legislator of further progress.

“Observing our production colleagues from other companies, it is clear that medicine is evolving in seven miles. We understand that the main task of the company is to improve products in line with current trends. We aim to create a completely new product based on new alloys. “One of the main tasks in the development of the new metal is to create the purest alloy and to meet the highest possible performance. I am sure that the signing of this Memorandum will be the beginning of a new stage in medicine in general,” said the general. Director of ABM Technology.

According to Yulia Kovaleva, science and business cannot go in parallel, but have a clear relationship. And mutual cooperation will be a new round of development and achievement of goals. ABM Technology is the first innovative plant for the production of dental implants in Ukraine and is among the top plants in the world and it is safe to say that success in creating a patented product is inevitable. And it will be able not just to compete with global brands, but to surpass them.

Yuriy Poluvyanov shared that DEL (Czech Republic) works closely with ABM Technology and PJSC “Titanium Institute” in projects not only in Ukraine but also in Europe and Asia. Working with them, it is obvious how seriously and fundamentally each of the leaders approaches the solution of all issues. Therefore, DEL is interested in this project as a mechanical cooperation in the processing of machine tools and other upgrades and automation systems.

“Our company Global Inzhiniring has created a unique technology park, which is being improved and allows vacuum smelting of this material and machining. I think that with such a team we should reach the first positions in the world in the production of titanium and zirconium alloys, ” Sergei Moiseyev said.

Reference: Alef Corporation is a business association of companies whose corporate strategy is based on continuous process improvement and innovation. The corporation’s enterprises are equipped with a strong production base: the association includes the largest plants in Ukraine and Eastern Europe in its segments. Chairman of the Board of Alef Corporation is Vadym Yermolaev. Deputy Chairman of the Board of the Corporation is Stanislav Vilensky.