Shopping and entertainment center MOST-City of Dnipro turns 15
  2 November 2021

It is impossible to imagine the center of Dnipro without its such recognizable symbol as MOST-City. In 2006, an ultra-modern complex appeared on the site of old buildings with damaged facades, natural markets and broken sidewalks.

The development company Alef Estate with the participation of investors Vadym Yermolaev and Valery Kiptyk was the first in Ukraine to implement the construction of urban neighborhoods, improving the logistics of trade processes, creating conditions for business, life and leisure.

The neighborhoods closest to MOST-City have also been built up with important urban infrastructure. The Novy Centr bus station has improved the city’s transport system and connected the center of the Dnipro with the uptown. Prizma Business Center concentrates the city’s business clusters. The main goals set by investors were successfully achieved by architects. In general, MOST-City is located on a historic shopping route from Heroes of the Maidan Square to the Dnipro embankment. Therefore, the right choice of location in synergy with a well-thought-out quarterly infrastructure provides tenants of the shopping and entertainment complex with an active flow of visitors and high turnover, both on weekdays and weekends.

MOST-City has been maintaining its leading position in the commercial real estate market of Ukraine for 15 years. A total area of 117,000 square meters includes the most famous in the Dnipro shopping mall, a 12-storey business center with offices of class “A” and a 21-storey residential tower.

Shopping and entertainment center MOST-City is an example of a modern view of construction, which has become an inspiration for many developers, because at the time of opening the complex was the largest shopping and entertainment center in Ukraine. The shopping and entertainment complex impresses not only with the conditions for comfortable shopping and leisure, but also with high-quality business opportunities. It also includes fascinating with its design and convenience of planning taking into account the needs of visitors (high-speed and panoramic elevators, huge atrium, quality tenant-mix, entertainment area, state-of-the-art cyber arena Windigo Arena, comfortable food area, parking for 800 cars). It is because of its versatility that MOST-City has become a favorite place of all residents and guests of the Dnipro.

In 2007, shopping and entertainment center MOST-City was recognized as the best retail facility in Ukraine. In 2010 it received the state award in the field of architecture. And in 2018 it took second place in the nomination “Best Average Broadcasting Company in Ukraine” according to the Retail Association of Ukraine. In 2020 it once again confirmed the title of “Best Shopping Center of the Dnipro”. Such impressive achievements are supported by a high level of occupancy, both among tenants and visitors.

The fact that the complex does not slow down even after 15 years is evidenced by the annual renovations. The atrium has the region’s first 100-meter-long indoor media facade. One of the important aspects of the renovation was the opening of the first fusion-style cinema MOST-Cinema with its own food space and summer terrace, as well as further expansion of capacity to make the cinema the largest in the country, with the only hall in Ukraine using Sphere technology.

In addition to the interior decoration and arrangement of the entrances, the facade was renovated. According to the architects, shopping and entertainment center MOST-City is designed in such a way that its architecture is “plastic” and allows for various transformations, modernizing the facility. Outside, construction work was carried out on two terraces: a 60-meter summer terrace above the Kharkivska street, which became an extension of the food court area and a 30-meter terrace in the restaurant area of the DKids children’s center.

Currently, the construction of the second line of the multifunctional complex TDK Perekhrestya, which will be connected to MOST-City by a pedestrian crossing on the second level, is being implemented near MOST-City. The combination of these facilities will provide the residents of Dnipro with even more opportunities for comfortable shopping, recreation and entertainment. According to developer Alef Estate, Perekhrestya, in turn, will become part of the monumental complex Brama.

“Fifteen years ago the opening of such a large-scale shopping and entertainment center as MOST-City marked a new milestone in the development of the city of Dnipro. It is still one of the most prominent commercial and entertainment properties in Ukraine. We are proud of this, and we will continue to develop our city, building no less significant and modern facilities”, said Vadym Yermolaev, the investor of Alef Estate.

For its own anniversary MOST-City has prepared a bright and stylish holiday “MOST-Major Symphony”, which will take place in September in the walls of shopping center. Guests will be entertained and inspired by classical music performed by the sensation project which includes the only women’s orchestra Queens Orchestra, workshops, dance performances, fashion shows, raffles and flash mobs. Shopping and entertainment center MOST-City invites guests and partners to take part in an atmospheric celebration, which will be imbued with centuries-old traditions of symphonic music, and enjoy the “MOST-Major Symphony” together!