“The Dnipro Gardens” company added another 40 ha of the garden coverage with hail protection net
AgroTimes  18 February 2021

“The Dnipro Gardens” (“Sady Dnipra”), company from Dnipro city, one of the largest apple producers in Ukraine, began to cover 40 ha of young garden with hail and sun protection net in addition to 60 ha of already covered superior trees.

“Currently we cover the young apple garden, 40 ha, and we already covered 60 ha earlier”, the representatives of the company say.

Vadym Iermolaiev, the chairman of the “Alef” corporation council explained on his Facebook page why the company invests great capital in the covering.

“What is the point of the additional investments? It’s easy to grow the common apple. However, it is tens of times harder to grow the perfect premium class apple without any defects, whether burn or impact. These are just the kind of fruits which would be desirable for export to such countries as Saudi Arabia or Singapore”, the businessman wrote.

He also said that the object of the company is to make Ukrainian apple well-known and requested on the international market.

“Setting the ambitious goals, be ready to make more efforts”, Vadym Iermolaiev concluded.