The “Dnipro Gardens”company by Vadym Iermolaiev shared its global market entry experience with the Ukrainian gardeners
Экономическая правда  24 June 2019

The fruit company “Sady Dnepra” (“Dnipro Gardens”) became the basis for delivery of training for the Ukrainian fruits-and-vegetables companies. Over 30 enterprises from south-east Ukraine participated in this event.
Training was arranged through the cooperative efforts of International Trade Centre Ukraine and Zaporizhzhia Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The goal of the event was step-by-step explanation in lay language of the procedure of implementation of international standards Global G.A.P. at the enterprises. This standard is considered to be the sign of quality and safety of products for foreign importers.

Case studies were carried out at the premises of the “Sady Dnepra” (“Dnipro Gardens”) company that served as an illustrative example of arrangement of enterprise operation according to international standard. The “Sady Dnepra” (“Dnipro Gardens”) company was accredited according to Global G.A.P as far back as 2017. The company succeeds in export of apples into the countries of the European Union, Asia and the Middle East for years.

Training participants visited apple gardens and have been exposed to the acilities arranged according to the standard requirements. In particular, they visited the territory of refrigerating and sorting complex that will become the largest in Ukraine after construction completion.

Training organizers pointed out that Ukraine has the great export potential in fruits and vegetables segment, in particular, in apples cultivation. However, the most of the Ukrainian companies are not ready to export their products at least for now. Due to this fact the most part of the previous Ukrainian apple crop was lost for global market and was not in demand on the domestic market.

“The problem of export in fruits-and-vegetables segment is of great importance for Ukraine. Today our country loses the millions of dollars of revenue due to the fact that many enterprises are not able to produce the goods of required quality, to keep them and to prepare for international sales properly.

Vadym Iermolaiev, the investor of the “Sady Dnepra” (“Dnipro Gardens”) company made the great anchor investment into the construction of large storage facility for apples. We are enthusiastic and we believe that this investment will boost the development of the fruits-and-vegetables sector of the region and the country seriously”, Serhii Kucheriavenko, the head of the Foreign Economic Administration under Dnipropetrovsk Chamber of Commerce and Industry said.

The training delivered is one of the steps in the program of facilitation of access of small and medium-size enterprises of the fruits-and-vegetables sector to foreign markets.

dnipro gardens

Oleksandrp Pakhno, CEO of the “Sady Dnepra” (“Dnipro Gardens”) company, expressed his readiness to continue to share experience in this segment of business:

“Currently the Ukrainian companies have to orient towards the international
standards, to raise the industrial standards and the quality of the goods produced.

All of this is required for successful international expansions resulting in the
economic development of the country and perfection of public image on the global stage. We have the common goal today: we want to enable the Ukrainian fruits and vegetables to be in demand on the world market”.

For information: The “Sady Dnepra” (“Dnipro Gardens”) company growing
premium class apples was founded by Vadym Iermolaiev in 2016. Currently total area of the garden is equal to 100 ha. The company exports its goods to the countries of the European Union, Asia and the Middle East.