The Dutch institute conducted the research of the innovative development of the plant “Potoky”
Сегодня  3 December 2020

The first protein sunflower concentrate “Proglot” is the development of the plant “Potoky” in Dnipro city, being unrivaled throughout the world. The high-protein product, being innovative for the foodstuff industry was presented by the enterprise management team on February 28, 2020, and since then this product undergoes successfully numerous researches and tests, the results of which just confirm the unique qualities and usefulness of the additive derived.

The Dutch company Schothorst Feed Research, SFR, Lelystad city) in its turn started to analyze the impact of the sunflower concentrate used as the substitution product for the soybean meal on the productive qualities and state of certain characteristics of the organism of the broilers.

45% protein: the best feed additive for agricultural animals, birds, and even fish

The plant “Potoky” in Dnipro city is one of the members of the “Alef” corporation which is the innovator in many fields of Ukrainian industry, and the introducer of the innovative technologies within the territory of our country. Vadym Volodymyrovych Iermolaiev, the famous Ukrainian businessman and investor, is a chairman of the corporation council. Over the course of many years Vadym Iermolaiev implements his projects successfully and establishes the European-level innovative enterprises, and this allows bringing the Ukrainian products to the global market.

The protein sunflower concentrate “Proglot” is a result of longstanding work of the professionals of the plant “Potoky” in cooperation with Ukrainian and global scientists. The company developed a new technology of sunflower concentrate production, and the researches of the Dutch institute were conducted with the use of the seed protein meal derived by the method of the traditional pressing or extraction. This process enables to produce the foodstuff which may substitute
soybean meal, improving the productive qualities and morphological state of the gastrointestinal tract of the broilers.

Moreover, according to the results of the research conducted, this solution will help in the reduction of the negative impact of the European meat industry and development of the domestic economy:

“It is necessary to take some actions, such as decrease in the ingredients import from the countries of the Northern and Southern America in order to reduce the negative impact of the European meat industry on the environment. The soybean meal (SBM) used may be substituted with the ingredients of European origin in the animal foodstuff, and this may stimulate additionally the development of the domestic economy. However, the alternative protein-rich foodstuff is needed for this purpose, and it seems that sunflower may be one of such alternative protein sources”.

Based on the research results the experts came to the conclusion that the sunflower concentrate may substitute the soybean meal with maintenance of nitrogen level in the ration of the broilers without any negative impact on their growth.

Promising element for the use in the ration of broilers

It is pointed out in the materials of the Dutch company that 61% of all protein sources used for cattle feeding accounts for soybean meal. Moreover, self-sufficiency of the European Union (EU) in this product is equal to just 3%, and, surely, this is unacceptable value for a variety of reasons.

“So, the local alternative foodstuff improving the productive qualities of animals without negative impact on the gastrointestinal tract may be the promising element for the use in the ration of broilers” the research results say.

The experiment was conducted according to the principles of the animal and human protection codes / good laboratory practice in the Netherlands. The protocol was approved by the Ethics Committee (AVD246002016450).