The first Ukrainian innovative plant manufacturing the dental implants expands its capacity
Факти  1 July 2020

ABM Technology plant manufacturing the dental implants which is the member of “Alef” corporation provided capacity for a larger output. The enterprise installed new CNC machines from the Japan company Star which will raise the possibilities of plant actually twofold, and moreover, will create a greater variety of the products manufactured. It was given in press relations service of the plant.

Earlier Vadym Iermolaiev, the chairman of corporation council on his Facebook page called the ABM Technology plant as one of the most innovative and the audacious project in the country is evidence of the fact that Ukraine started to lose its status of the “raw-material appendage” He also reminded that the way of the plant development started only from 4 equipment units but the design capacity of the enterprise provides for a possibility of installation of 30 CNC machines.

Commenting on the plant opening, CEO and shareholder of the ABM Technology plant Ihor Tsyrkin noted that the new equipment will enable the innovative Ukrainian plant to expand the range of the products manufactured.

“The more we enter the market, the more we understand that it is necessary to have the full range in order to meet any needs of the patients and doctors. We faced the task to purchase more advanced equipment. Purchasing the machines, we did not use the method “something average between necessary and inexpensive”.

Rather we chose an equipment of the “trendsetters” among the machines producers. This is Star company. These are the machines installed at the plants of only global leaders in the dental implants production. But even so, only we produce the implants of the very latest model”, Ihor Tsyrkin said.

Currently the pre-commissioning activities are carried out at the plant by the representatives of the Star company. The foreign professionals also train the employees of the plant to work with the new equipment.

Vadym Vozniak, chief operations officer of the plant ABM Technology also noted that the purchase of new equipment is related to the great number of the orders, including the orders made by the foreign customers.

“We expand and we aim at the fact that the foreign producers will look up to our product. The new equipment will enable to produce more complex and high-tech details and will save some time for production of simpler details.

Currently the volume of orders for export is no less than the volume of orders from the Ukrainian customers. Today we ship our products to Germany, Spain and Turkey. The sales geography of our plant grows”, Vadym Vozniak said.

It is worth reminding that ABM Technology company started its work in Dnipro city in 2017 and launched the first Ukrainian enterprise manufacturing the full-cycle dental implants. The ABM Technology plant patented the dental implant of proprietary design Helix, as well as two abutments, the angled and the straight one in 2018. CNC machines made by the Japan company TSUGAMI, Swiss made “clean room” as well as the equipment for acid treatment from the Swiss company KKS are used in operation.

“Alef” corporation incorporates cross-sectional businesses operating in the sector of development, manufacturing of construction materials and the agrarian field.

Vadym Iermolaiev is a chairman of “Alef” corporation council. Stanislav Vilenskyi is a deputy chairman of the corporation council.