The implementation of one of the most ambitious architectural projects of Ukraine was resumed upon 12 years
Сегодня  25 May 2020

Construction of the shopping and business center “Perekrestok” (“Crossroad”) started in centre of Dnipro city in April. This facility shall become the part of the monumental mixed-use complex “Brama” (“Gate”) in the future.

Alef Estate, the development company which established such significant facilities of Dnipro city as the Shopping and Entertainment Centre “MOST-city”, Multi-purpose complex “Cascade Plaza”, business centre “Prism”, shopping and business complex “Bosphorus”and many other real estate units, deals with the “Brama” (“Gate”) construction.

The complex construction had to be launched in as far back as 2008. However, it was postponed due to the crisis which came on. Vadym Iermolaiev, the chairman of the “Alef” corporation council pointed out repeatedly that the “Brama” (“Gate”) construction shall be cancelled by no means; it was rather postponed till the most favorable moment. The works on complex construction were finally resumed upon 12 years after crisis in 2008. Moreover, Alef Estate points out that the economic decline caused by coronavirus pandemic did not freeze the construction of any company’s facility; their implementation goes on.

The mixed-use complex “Brama” (“Gate”) may be called one of the most ambitious architectural projects of the city. Total area of the complex is equal to 200 thousand of square meters. The height of the “Brama” (“Gate”) itself is 210 meters (54 storeys) which makes this building to be the highest residential building in Ukraine and the highest building in Dnipro city. The “Brama” (“Gate”) construction provides for the comprehensive development and reconstruction of the quarter limited by the streets of kniaz Volodymyr Velykyi (Volodymyr the Great prince), Kharkivska, Hlynky and Yevropeiska.

The “Brama” (“Gate”) will set the style of the entire architecture of the city: even now the design decisions in Dnipro city are made with due regard to the number of storeys of the designed “Brama” (“Gate”). Moreover, it will play an important role in the general plan of town: the complex shall link the central part of Dnipro city to quay and complete the formation of pre-bridge note.

Only one facility from six designed real estate units, three-storeyed business center “Klin” located at the corner of the streets Yevropeiska and Hlynky, was constructed up to this day.

Construction of the shopping and business center “Perekrestok” (“Crossroad”) will become the next step of the mixed-use complex “Brama” (“Gate”) construction. This facility is a second major element of the mixed-use complex. The building will form the quarter perimeter, restrain the crossroad and, in particular, emphasize the significance of the main centerpiece of the complex, the “Brama” (“Gate”) itself.

The building design was developed by “DOLNIK & CO” company in 2008; the project team was headed by the architect Serhii Filimonov. The principal idea of “Perekrestok” (“Crossroad”) is a creation of the roofed multi-level “shopping street”. The shopping and business center will be linked to the neighboring shopping complex with the use of pedestrian bridge at the second level.

“Perekrestok” (“Crossroad”) will consist of six storeys and high-rise 18-storeys part. This facility will be located at the intersection of Hlynky and Kharkivska street, hence the name of the unit. The commercial premises will be located on the first and second storey of six-storey part; the offices will be located from third to fifth storey. The commercial-use premises will be also located on the first storeys in high-rise part, and the office part of the building will be located from fourth to eighteenth storey.

The project also provides for improvement of Kharkivska street: arrangement of parking spaces, bicycle tracks, recreational areas and outdoor areas.

“The facility will be constructed in the contemporary manner. Generally the “Brama” (“Gate”) complex consists of the number of buildings so each of them is compact in form and complements each other. All of them are united with the single color composition. The particular color is assigned to each function. So, each person may understand the building structure, even not entering the building but staying outside”, Serhii Filimonov, the architect of the project said.

The scheduled term of construction is 36 months. It means that Dnipro will get the new centre for commerce and recreation as early as in 2023.

Reference. Alef Estate is a development company dealing with the development of business projects for the construction, sale and operation of commercial and residential real estate property; it is the member of “Alef” corporation.

“Alef” corporation incorporates the cross-sectional businesses operating in the sector of development, manufacturing of construction materials and the agrarian field. Vadym Iermolaiev is a chairman of “Alef” corporation council. Stanislav Vilenskyi is a deputy chairman of the corporation council.