“The innovations digest” of the “Alef” corporation: which success was achieved by the companies for the first half of 2020
Экономическая правда  12 August 2020

The strategy of the business included into the “Alef” corporation is based on the constant improvement of the processes and implementation of the innovations. The development of the new products and technologies and the implementation of the best international practices at the Ukrainian enterprises are the priority tasks of the corporation companies.

The “Alef” corporation shared the progress of its corporate members for the first six months of 2020 due to the fact that the equator of 2020 was already crossed.

The quality assurance process was automated at the “OSCAR” plant

The automated installation of non-destructive testing of pipes from the American producer MAC (Magnetic Analysis Сorporation) was implemented at the pipe plant “OSCAR” in 2020. New equipment enabled to increase the efficiency at this stage three-fold by means of increase of test rate. The equipment of old design provided for three passages of pipe for its analysis according to necessary parameters.

“Currently the “OSCAR” plant supplies the pipes to 21 world country due to program development of the enterprise and constant improvement of all industrial processes. The European enterprises of the aerospace, nuclear and energy industries are the customers of the Ukrainian plant”, Vadym Iermolaiev, the chairman of the “Alef” corporation council said.

The innovative product which may change the European feed stuff industry was invented at the “Potoky” plant

The Oil Extraction Plant “Potoky” developed a new product for animal breeding – the high-protein sunflower concentrate “Proglot” (“Eat like”). Such concentrate may put competitive pressure on soybean meal in birdseed, feed for pigs, rabbits and fish feed.

The invention’s importance is in the fact that the sunflower concentrate can not contain GMO by contrast with soya. Moreover, the indicator of the protein content is the same high and is equal to 48%. The reputable institute in the Netherlands Schothorst Feed Research came to the conclusion that the product has the potential to put competitive pressure on soybean meal on the European market.

“The history of this product invention is a way of the innovations implementation and the new technology development. The purpose-built equipment was developed in Bulgaria and Germany especially for the Ukrainian enterprise. Currently the Ukrainian company may say with conviction that it broke new ground in the global animal breeding”, Vadym Iermolaiev says.

“The Dnipro Gardens” (“Sady Dnipra”) company implemented the dynamic gas environment (ACR) system at its refrigerating facility for the first time ever in Ukraine

“The Dnipro Gardens” (“Sady Dnipra”) company continues the construction of the largest and the most innovative refrigerating facility in Ukraine. The first 20 storage rooms are already operated.

The special feature of the storage facility is the application of high technology. The system of dynamic gas environment (ACR) which is also called as the "aspiration control system” is implemented in the storage facility.

“Use of such technology enables to establish the optimum oxygen and CO2 content automatically and to store apples in pristine condition within 2 years. And it is possible to control the storage facility with the use of the smart phone anywhere on Earth”, Vadym Iermolaiev commented on.

The “MIROPLAST” plant equipped its laboratory with a stand for a check of the windows for the resistance to the weather events

The windows and entry doors may be tested now at the premises of the “MIROPLAST” plant according to such parameters as air permeability, water impermeability and resistance to wind loads. The test stand WINDOORTESTER installed in the MIROPLAST laboratory simulates the actual weather conditions such as squally wind and heavy rain. And the equipment generates the smoke for air permeability check.

“MIROPLAST” plant is one of the founders of UAWS association (Ukrainian Association of the Window Systems) and as a member of the association it is involved into the development of new Ukrainian standards the main purpose of which is to bring them in sync with the European technical regulations EN.

“The decisions promising the development and progress both for specific enterprise and for Ukrainian economy are always encouraged and implemented in the companies of”Alef” corporation”, Stanislav Vilenskyi, the deputy chairman of the corporation council said.

Alef Estate company switched to electronic data interchange

Alef Estate company transformed its work flow into electronic format. The company representatives forecast the annual renewal of E-documents with partners in the quantity of 500 000 E-documents.
About 500 counterparties integrated to the process of digitalization together with Alef Estate.

“Transformation of work flow into electronic format is a time consuming process. It requires the comprehensive assessment from the legal, financial, technical and organizational perspective. We performed all this work, and currently we may test all benefits of Electronic Data Interchange in practice”, Vilenskyi Stanislav Oleksandrovych, the deputy chairman of the “Alef” corporation council said.

AMB Technology, the innovative plant manufacturing the dental implants expanded its capacity

ABM Technology plant manufacturing the dental implants provided its capacity for a larger output. The enterprise installed new CNC machines made by Japan company Star, and this increased in the capacities of the plant almost twice, and moreover, it expanded the range of the products manufactured. The foreign specialists trained the employees to work with new equipment.

“Any equipment is just a useless bunch of metal without the qualified staff. This is why it is not enough to purchase the expensive machinery. It is necessary to work constantly on the professional development and improvement of the employees.

Investment of the funds, time and energy into the team improvement pays off. And the efforts of the competent and strong team in just three years made the AMB Technology one of the most advanced and innovative plants manufacturing the dental implants in the world which is the source of pride of Dnipro city and the whole Ukraine”, Vadym Iermolaiev, the chairman of the “Alef” corporation council said.

Reference: “Alef” corporation incorporates cross-sectional businesses operating in the sector of development, manufacturing of construction materials and the agrarian field.