The largest Dnipro developer, Alef Estate switched to electronic data interchange
056  25 May 2020

Digital technologies help to control Covid-19 propagation Alef Estate company which established such significant facilities of Dnipro city as the Shopping and Entertainment Centre “MOST-city”, Multi-purpose complex “Cascade Plaza”, business centre “Prism”, shopping and business complex “Bosphorus” and many other real estate units transformed its work flow into electronic format. The company representatives forecast the annual renewal of E-documents with partners in the quantity of 500 000 documents.

About 500 counterparties integrated to the process of digitalization together with Alef Estate. The company representatives point out that the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) enables to organize and to accelerate business processes and cash flow and protects business against from human factor mistakes and saves monetary assets.

Currently the employees of Alef Estate may exchange the packages of E-documents, to sign them and to adjust the routes of their flow remotely.

The Electronic Data Interchange enables the employees of the company to stay home without exposure of own health and health of those around them to risk. In such a case the company operates in a sustained way which is particularly topical during quarantine.

Reduction in the number of paper information mediums is another argument pro switch to the Electronic Data Interchange. The proper saving of resources is always related both to personal saving and environmental care.

EDIN provider gave assistance in switch over the company’s Electronic Data Interchange; the company was connected to the service EDIN-DOCflow, solution for exchange of group of electronic documents on the single flexible business platform which is easily adapted to the individual business processes.

“Transformation of work flow into electronic format is a time consuming process. It requires the comprehensive assessment from the legal, financial, technical and organizational perspective. We performed all this work, and currently we may test all benefits of Electronic Data Interchange in practice”, Anna Levchenko, the Alef Estate financial director says.

The remarkable thing is that there are not so many Ukrainian companies which switched to the electronic data interchange. However, the experts assume that the quarantine may trigger the total switch to the electronic data interchange.

Reference: Alef Estate is a development company dealing with the development of business projects for the construction, sale and operation of commercial and residential real estate property.

"Alef" corporation incorporates the cross-sectional businesses operating in the sector of development, manufacturing of construction materials and the agrarian field. Vadym Iermolaiev is a chairman of “Alef” corporation council. Stanislav Vilenskyi is a deputy chairman of the corporation council.