The “MIROPLAST” company reached the record sales levels in June in the course of its existence
Экономическая правда  12 August 2020

Ukrainian company “MIROPLAST”, one of the largest producers of PVC-profile in the Eastern Europe reached the record levels of the products sales in this June by contrast with the same period. Herewith, it should be noted that the window market growth was not registered in the previous month.

“We succeeded in pulling out of recession which we faced during coronavirus pandemic due to smart and well-reasoned management policy. We succeeded not only in return to pre-quarantine indicators, but also in their considerable exceedance. So, we set a new own products sales record in June”, Oleksandr Antoniuk, the marketing director of the “MIROPLAST” company said.

Moreover, he said that the mid-end and high-end energy-efficient window profiles are in great demand in Ukraine currently. The energy-saving PVC-profile WDS made by “MIROPLAST” company resonates with the Ukrainian consumers, and this also enabled the enterprise to achieve the high sales level.

The “MIROPLAST” company plans to expand its range of products further:

“We will move towards even more qualitative product. In particular, we plan to expand the range of the laminated products. According to our assessments, about 80% of glazing works in the building industry are carried out currently with the windows from colored profile. We plan to achieve full compliance of our range of products with the range of the European producers within the next one or two years”, Serhii Datsiv, director of the sales department of the “MIROPLAST” company said.

The “MIROPLAST” company was established in Dnipro in 2006 after construction of the manufacturing complex in the city. Currently this production is one of the most modern and highly efficient in Europe. 29 extruding lines are installed at the plant, and the products of the enterprise are exported into 15 world countries.

The “MIROPLAST” company is a member of the “Alef” corporation, the chairman of the council of which is Iermolaiev Vadym Volodymyrovych, and the deputy is Vilenskyi Stanislav Oleksandrovych.

The activity oriented to constant improvement of the processes and implementation of the innovations is a corporate strategy of “Alef” business association. Let us recall that it was reported earlier that The “MIROPLAST” plant equipped the laboratory at the premises of the enterprise with a stand for a check of the windows for the resistance to the weather events. The windows and entry doors may be tested now at this plant according to such parameters as air permeability, water impermeability and resistance to wind loads. The test stand installed in the MIROPLAST laboratory simulates the actual weather conditions such as squally wind and heavy rain.