The most powerful Ukrainian plant for the production of TPE granules and compounds was launched in Dnipro
  13 October 2021

The new ALLCOMP plant is a leading manufacturer of thermoplastic pellets used in various fields of activity: construction, medicine, pharmaceuticals, automotive

“Modern equipment, an innovative approach, a wide range of materials and high productivity – all this accurately characterizes the young member of the Alef corporation. The launch of such a powerful enterprise will be a new impetus for the development of the entire industry in the Dnipropetrovsk region, because there have not yet been polymer manufacturers here, that would give such a large volume and use the maximum opportunities “, – commented the chairman of the board of the Alef corporation Vadim Ermolaev.

ALLCOMP plant is the first company using innovative equipment from German and American manufacturers, which has no analogues in Ukraine. Already at the start, the company’s specialists reached a productivity of 40-50 tons per day, but this is only the beginning, because the maximum design capacity is 100 tons per day. The main products of ALLCOMP are compounds made of polyethylene, polypropylene and calcium carbonate, as well as TPE material.

It is these components that are used to make seals (for windows, doors, solar panels and pipes), car rugs, toothbrush pens, syringes, rubber shoes, baby nipples and more.

On the basis of the enterprise, they continue to implement innovative solutions: from now on, the plant has its own laboratory. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that powerful and modern equipment of American and German manufacturers is assembled here, which allows you to make measurements quickly, analyze the material to the smallest components and select any raw material for the needs of the supplier or for internal use.

The quality of raw materials and finished products is also controlled in the laboratory of the company, which is considered the strongest in Ukraine. ALLCOMP specialists work in accordance with all international standards and are at the stage of obtaining European certificates.

With serious ambitions and plans in the market, ALLCOMP constantly invests in the development of production facilities and the expansion of laboratory equipment, as well as in its own employees, giving them the opportunity to develop. Main strategy: combining knowledge, innovation and modern technology.

Reference: Alef Corporation is a business alliance of companies whose corporate strategy is based on continuous process improvement and innovation. The corporation includes diversified businesses that operate in the segments of development, production of building materials and the agricultural sector. The head of the corporation council is Vadim Ermolaev, the deputy chairman of the corporation council is Stanislav Vilensky.