The project of the new boulevard in Dnipro is quite simple and at the same time universal. As planned by the architects, the street will be divided into three longitudinal parts.
ABCnews  17 August 2018

In Dnipro, as in any metropolis, there are sights and atmospheric places, where
residents of Dnipro like to spend their free time and where guests of the city are invited first. Among such business cards of the Dnipro are the longest embankment in Europe with the Orb of Desires, a waterfall on Monastery Island, temples, theatres, museums, and, of course, the city center, many of whose streets look quite European.

One of the most respectable and popular is Katerynoslavsky Boulevard, located in the heart of the metropolis and closed to cars. For the crowded, stylish architecture and the evening shine of lights, the boulevard was even nicknamed the Dnipro Arbat. It is not surprising that the news that soon the recreation area, beloved by the citizens, will have a logical continuation – a new pedestrian boulevard on the neighbouring Pivdenna Street – became a pleasant surprise for residents of Dnipro.

The author of the project for the future boulevard was the architectural bureau Filimonov & Kashirina architects – a creative tandem with nearly 10 years of experience working together, and the investor is the Dnipro entrepreneur Vadym Iermolaiev, known for his successful innovations in various business areas.

The project of the new boulevard is quite simple and at the same time universal. As planned by the architects, the street will be divided into three longitudinal parts. Zones closer to homes are designed for the convenience of pedestrians, and the spacious and creatively decorated central part can be used for various outdoor activities – for example, small street concerts or performances.

The highlight of the center of the boulevard should be an unusual element – an artificial stream, the length of which will be about 200 meters. The architects plan to decorate the triangular peak of the stream with small fountains, and in the evening the water flow (however, like the entire boulevard) will be highlighted in a special way. In addition, special street lights will create a realistic effect of water glare on the surrounding buildings. This spectacle promises to be not just beautiful, but fascinating, because the water element is known for its calming effect and ability to harmonise space.

“The idea of ​​a stream arose here for a reason, it is a kind of reminder of the local river Polovytsia, which was taken into a concrete collector at the end of the 19th century and still flows in this form under the design site,” says architect Sergey Filimonov. – “We are confident that this unusual reservoir, which has no analogues in Ukraine, will create a special atmosphere on the boulevard, it will revive this place and even become its symbol.”

The authors of the project did not forget about the smallest residents of Dnipro who will walk on the new boulevard: they will equip a new generation playground for them – with a soft rubber coating and safe reliefs.

Well, the texture and principle of paving the pedestrian space of Pivdenna Street, as well as its decorative elements (stone benches, balls, etc.), will be repeated by architects along the lines of the neighbouring Katerynoslavsky Boulevard, so that they harmoniously complement each other and visually look a single structure.

“We worked on this project with inspiration and painstakingly, with soul,” says
architect Serhii Filimonov, “And we hope that the new pedestrian street will
become an equally popular place for walking, business and romantic meetings,
cultural leisure of residents and guests of the Dnipro as the famous
Katerynoslavsky Boulevard. Such pedestrian spaces are a modern European trend that Ukrainian cities are just beginning to take note of. The success of the project is guaranteed by the participation of a trusted investor, Vadym Iermolaiev, a native of Dnipro. Our architectural bureau is working with him not for the first time, so we are confident that the eventual result will not only be successful, and even exceed expectations”.