The residential complex Port City is erected at an accelerated tempo in Dnipro
Днепр Инфо  3 April 2023

Photos from the construction site were published by Vadym Iermolaiev, a businessman from Dnipro city.

The Port City complex is built on Naberezhna Peremohy street. According to the real estate developer, the facade works are in progress; the utility systems and the elevators have been installed already. They work also upon the face illumination and the territory interior furnishing:

“The facade works are in progress in all three sections now: they have been finished for 95% in the first section, for 75% in the second section, and for 60% in the third section. The utility systems and the elevators have been installed everywhere already. We install the lights on the face. These works are almost finished in the first section; the works in the other two sections are in progress. The interior decoration of the first section has been finished for 90%; the works in the second and third section are planned for the near future.

It is planned to start the area improvement works in April. The promenade lanes with flowerbeds and benches will be created between the sections. It will be a public place for the citizens. Everyone will be able to visit it while going for a walk, take nice photographs, and enjoy the view over the river.

Port City is one of my favourite projects because its main peculiarity is a location within a few meters of the main decoration of our city, the Dnipro river. And what is more, Port city complements the panoramic view over the quay of the right bank of Dnipro even now. This is my favourite view over our city available while crossing a Central bridge”.

The apartment complex resembles the cruise liner that is “parked” by the riverbank.