The “Sady Dnipra” has installed an automated sorting line
Экономическая правда  17 December 2019

The refrigerating complex of “Sady Dnipra” LTD. has completed the installation of an apple sorting line. The capacity of the installed line allows to sort 12 tons of fruit per hour. The selection of fruits can be performed by color, size and weight.

The equipment for the Sady`s sorting shop was supplied by GREEFA (the Netherlands). The line is equipped with a system for measuring the external and internal quality of fruits (iQS and iFA systems). The internal analysis of apples is to be carried out through the infrared images.

The sorting of apples occurs as follows: at the first stage, an automated robot unloads apples from a container into a sink filled with water. Then the crop goes to the drying and polishing section through the water channel. After that, it enters a special camera, which photographs the fruits several times per second. This allows to optically determine the characteristics of each apple. After a computer analysis, the fruits are transferred to the table set by the operator.

The sorting line includes an automatic system for packing apples onto the pallets. It is also possible to automatically pack apples in bags. One single person can control the entire line – an operator setting the parameters for selection of apples. 38 people may work on the line at its full load.

The President of the Board of the Alef Corporation, Mr. Vadim Ermolaev, on his Facebook page commented on the installation of the line as follows:

“The process of growing a quality apple requires a lot of knowledge, resources and time. But the process of growing is not even half the battle. To profitably sell the crop, especially for export, one can not do without two things: proper storage and sorting.

We`ve already told you about the first matter – the “Sady Dnipra” is building the largest and most modern refrigerating storage room for apples in the country.

Now I’d like to share some more news: the company has already installed one of the most powerful sorting lines in Ukraine”.

He also noted that the “Sady Dnipra” is exporting its products to about twenty countries around the world.

For your information: Alef Corporation unites diversified businesses that work in the segments of development, production of building materials and the agricultural sector.

The President of the Board of the Alef Corporation is Mr. Vadim Ermolaev, the Vice-President of the Board of the corporation is Mr. Stanislav Vilensky.
The “Sady Dnipra” (TM UApple) is engaged in the cultivation of elite varieties of apples. It was incorporated in 2016. The total area of ​​its orchards is about 100 hectares. The company exports its products to the countries of the European Union, Asia and the Middle East.