“There is no such thing in Europe yet”: Vadym Iermolaiev about opening of innovative laboratory in Dnipro
  24 June 2019

The multifunctional innovative space for dentists opened in Dnipro city on May 18.

New opportunities for doctors include teaching the new protocols, use of up-to-date equipment for manufacturing of necessary materials, as well as study of new offers on the market of dental tools and equipment.

Vadym Iermolaiev told about it on his Facebook page.

“Dnipro is on top again, in the field of dentistry this time.

The multifunctional hi-tech space for dentists opened in our city on Saturday through the cooperative efforts of the companies Bauer`s Implants and Amel Medical Group, the innovators who brought the most advanced worldwide standards into Ukraine.

The innovative space includes three components. The first one is Amel Cad/Cam LAB where the dentists will be able to use the hi-tech equipment and all its capabilities without investment into purchase.

The second one is the training centre Amel Dental Hub. The Ukrainian doctors will master the up-to-date methods and protocols at the premises of this centre, as the new developments appear constantly in the dentistry. And young professionals will get an opportunity to hone required skills before client servicing. Training will be conducted by the best practicing physicians of Ukraine and the world.

The third one is Amel Dental Store where the doctors will be able to study the best offers on the market of dental tools and equipment.

This is not even “as in Europe” because there is no such thing in Europe yet”, the businessman wrote.