There will be a true business quarter: how’s the construction of the shopping and business complex “Perekhrestia” (“Crossroad”) is going?
  21 April 2023

The shopping centre “Kubometr” near the shopping and leisure centre “Most-City” was pulled down on March 5, 2020.

The construction of the 20-storeyed multi-purpose complex “Perekrestok” (“Crossroad”) was started in this place. However, the construction works were suspended temporarily because of the full-fledged war. And just a few weeks later the works were resumed, “Nashe misto newspaper” informs by reference to Vadym Iermolaiev.

The concrete works on the substructure are finished almost 100% now. The building face erection will start here soon.

As to the elevation part, 7 storeys are already erected; the structure of 8th storey and walls of 9th storey are under construction now. The building will have 21storey in total.

The transformer substation was also constructed already and all necessary equipment was delivered.

As to the bricklaying, the works are finished on the first storey, and the works are in progress on the other storeys.

The works related to the installation of the ventilation systems on 1-3 storeys were started.

The true business quarter will be made here after the completion of the “Perekrestok” (“Crossroad”) construction.