UApple will “pump” the apple sorting line
АгроПортал  2 November 2021

Sady Dnipra company (TM UApple) which is in the Dnipropetrovsk region plans to modernize the automated apple sorting line.

This was announced by the owner of the company Vadym Yermolaev on his Facebook page.

“Sady Dnipra will introduce intelligent sorting technology on its line. We will improve the line’s photoanalyzer which is its “brain”, the system that “scans” the fruit for several parameters. The line’s ability to recognize defects in apples and also pears, the first harvest of which will be harvested next fall, will be improved”, he said.

According to Yermolaev, there is a huge number of types of fruit defects, and some of them are difficult to distinguish from each other, for example, a deep puncture of an apple from superficial damage, or “bitter pitting” of an apple from “blow”. And these are different classes of apples in terms of quality.

“That’s why the company ordered a new module, which will be based on color and infrared cameras. This is a revolutionary technical vision system that can provide 80 photos of each high-definition apple and can analyze every unevenness of the apple on its skin and even under it”, he added.

For reference: UApple was founded in 2016. It grows apples of varieties Gala Schniga, Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, Pinova, Fuji, Red Delicious, as well as stores and sells them. It has an international certificate from GlobalG.A.P. It delivers products to local supermarket chains, as well as exports to more than 20 countries.