Ukrainian dental implants win foreign markets
  12 April 2023

ABM Technology which was the first plant in Ukraine that started to manufacture certified Ukrainian dental implants has been developing in Dnipro city for more than five years.

As Vadym Iermolaiev, CEO of “Alef” corporation, wrote on his Facebook page, the Ukrainian implants manufactured at the plant in Dnipro city, are exported to such countries as Armenia, Georgia, Qazaqstan, the Kyrgyz Republic, Azerbaijan, and Uzbekistan already. Its short-term plans include entry into the European markets. The company deals with certification and getting a special marking for the development of the western markets even under war conditions.

We talked to the CEO of the company Bauer’s Medical Group, the leading partner of ABM Technology, Anastasiia Bardasova, and we found out how the company from Dnipro city succeeded in winning the Ukrainian market, and how it is striving for the foreign markets now.

Combination of perfect quality and high technologies

“Bauer’s Medical Group supplies the products manufactured by ABM Technology to the markets of Ukraine, Armenia, Georgia, Qazaqstan, the Kyrgyz Republic, Azerbaijan, and Uzbekistan today. In particular, the dental implants ASPER. This innovative solution was developed by the Ukrainian engineers in close cooperation with the leading European laboratories supported by the Ukrainian scientists, real experts in the field of implantology, and it received international patents”, Anastasiia Bardasova says.

Moreover, the dental implants HELIX, the advanced development, the implants Unident, the bone and suture material that is also manufactured at the plant ABM Technology enjoy great popularity as well.

“The main thing for which our products are valued is a high quality meeting or exceeding the European alternatives. Each unit of product is tested at the plant. Moreover, our products are at the forefront of the latest innovations. The companies which have been present in this market for a long time work reflexively. On the contrary, Bauer’s Medical Group has the newest and most state-of-the-art equipment. We can carry out experiments, involve the most famous professors in the field of implantology in the performance of our work, and we can cooperate with the leading engineers. All of this enables us to improve our products constantly. The form, surface, thread, joint, and material quality — all of this is a subject of constant research. That’s why our products are on high demand today”, Anastasiia Bardasova says.

Bauer’s Medical Group does not neglect the marketing strategies, field-oriented advertising, work in the field-specific international associations, and even the partnership links with the international distributional companies of the global corporation “Alef”, to which ABM Technology belongs.

Entry into the EU market

“Today Bauer’s Medical Group is going to win the European markets. We have been implementing the MDR (Managed Detection and Response) system outlined in the EU directive within 1.5 years. We have to work out all documentation according to EU standards and undergo a complete audit of our products and business processes and get corresponding markings and certificates. And we will be entitled to sell our products on the European markets after that”, Anastasiia Bardasova says.

The products undergo many tests within this work: load test, surface test, laboratory, and clinical trials. Today Bauer’s Medical Group cooperates with practicing physicians who pursue research with the use of the products of the company for writing their own scientific works and theses. The results obtained will be published soon in Ukraine and in the world.

Ukraine is a global leader in the implantology

“I can say based on my own experience that the Ukrainian specialists are one of the world’s best professionals. The Ukrainian specialists oriented towards Europe and the USA 30 years ago. We did not manufacture dental implants at that time. Ukrainians trained quickly, adopted experience and mastered the best technologies. The dental market in Ukraine is at the extremely high level today. We know that many people from all over the world visit Ukraine and seek dental help. And it is not always a case of prices. Our partner clinics located in Dnipro city help patients from various world countries and rank among TOP-100 global clinics despite prices equal to the British and German prices. These are hospitals of high level with state-of-the-art technologies. They come to Ukraine because of service, quality, and best services”, Anastasiia Bardasova says.

It is necessary to stay up to date with all the latest scientific research results in this field in order to sustain such a high level. Bauer’s Medical Group cooperates with many Ukrainian and international field-specific associations, such as: Association of the implant users of Ukraine, Association of orthopedic surgeons and dental technicians, International Institute of Research and Technology in the field of medicine and conducts joint researches in cooperation with them.

Moreover, ABM Technology joins the most advanced Ukrainian scientific developments. In 2018 the Institute for Problems of Material Science under the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine supported the plant in the creation of new material, biotitanium. In 2021 the plant management and the scientists signed the Memorandum of cooperative development of this metal.

ABM Technology is a plant manufacturing exacting products from bio-compatible materials and polymers in the field of medicine according to global standards. The products manufactured at the plant are used in oral and maxillofacial, spinal, and cardiovascular implantology. The enterprise quality management system was certified according to ISO 13485:2016 and associated with strict requirements for the safety of the products. ABM Technology ranks among the top of the global leaders of state-of-the-art plants manufacturing exacting products from bio-compatible materials in the field of medicine. The Japanese and Swiss equipment is used at the enterprise. Thereby this plant can manufacture products of any complexity requiring an exact accuracy of measurements and tolerances — from medical instruments to dental implants and their components. As Ihor Tsyrkin, the plant’s CEO said, the main mission of the plant is to make the Ukrainian implants popular and welcomed all over the world.

Bauer’s Medical Group is a company combining many directions in the field of dentistry, including:

Manufacturing of dental implants, prothesis components, suture material, and bone expletive substances.

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dentistry, marketing, business, and whatever may be necessary for the dentist in the work and brand development.

Bauer’s CAD/CAM Lab is a digital dental technical laboratory using CAD / CAM equipment and manufacturing custom-made high-quality dental prostheses.
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