Деловая столица  17 December 2019

The Potoki oil extraction plant located in Dnipro has developed a new product for livestock breeding – a high-protein sunflower concentrate.

This concentrate is going to displace soybean oilcakes in feeds for poultry, pigs, rabbits and fish.

The ultimate advantage of high protein concentrate over traditional soy is a higher concentration of protein. The plant was able to achieve a 52% of its content, while in soybean oilcakes this figure only reaches an average of 48%. Also, unlike soybean oilcakes, the sunflower concentrate does not contain GMOs.

The product was developed by a research center at the Potoki plant together with Ukrainian scientists from both the State Research Institute of Veterinary Medicines and Feed Additives and the State Poultry Experimental Station of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine.

For a thorough study of the invented concentrate, the Potoki plant also concluded an agreement with the Dutch research institute Schothorst Feed Research. The Dutch scientists will begin performing the analyses of the concentrate and its properties in January 2020. Research will last about three months.

“The Potoki plant has invented a unique product that is ready to revolutionize the sphere of livestock breeding and the production of feeds for poultry, cattle and fish. Nowadays, the soybean oilcakes are being used in animal diets around the world. We can offer the best alternative now – the high-protein sunflower concentrate. Its main advantage is that it does not contain GMOs. Since 2022, Europe will abandon genetically modified organisms, which means that our company is the first Ukrainian enterprise that can offer a GMO-free product to the European market”, said the director of LTD Potoki Mr. Evgeny Yarovoy.

At the moment, the Potoki plant, together with Ukrainian experts, is conducting a series of its own studies with involvement of experimental hennery farms. The results of the first experiments in growing broilers on feed containing sunflower concentrate are already known. The weight gain of chickens, which replaced soybean oilcakes with high protein concentrate in their diet, ranged from 7 to 8%.

“On the 43rd day of feeding, a group of broilers which replaced soybean oilcakes by 50%, showed an increase of up to 4% in live weight. For chickens fed with 100% high protein concentrate, an increase of 7 to 8% was recorded. At the same time, the survivability has remained standard. From this, we can conclude that the product works and indeed affects the digestibility of poultry feed” said Mr. Vitaliy Nadtochiy, the project manager, lead manager of the sunflower concentrate sales department at the Potoki plant.

Today, the Potoki plant is installing new equipment. Intended expressly for the
production of an innovative product at the Ukrainian plant, the new equipment was invented in Switzerland, Germany and Bulgaria.

After completion of the shop tests, the Ukrainian plant will be able to produce 500 tons of high protein sunflower concentrate with a protein content of 50% per day. They plan to sell products under the TM “PROGLOT”.

For your information: the Potoki plant was founded in 2016. It is an affiliate of the Alef Corporation, which unites diversified businesses that work in the segment of development, production of building materials and the agricultural sector. The President of the Board of the Alef Corporation is Mr. Vadim Ermolaev. The Vice-President of the Board of the Corporation is Mr. Stanislav Vilensky.