Ukrainians will be able to earn on the roofs of their houses
«Деловая столица»  27 November 2018

Solar batteries with a capacity of 370 watts with a size of about 2 m² appeared in Ukraine. More recently, this figure reached only 300 watts at the same size

Such a significant increase in power photovoltaic modules (FEM) can serve the active development of solar energy in Ukraine. The increase in battery efficiency, and, as a consequence, space saving, opens the way for solar energy to private households of Ukrainians.

This type of photo module was the first to be imported to Ukraine by Altek, the
founder of which is the famous Ukrainian businessman Vadym Iermolaiev. The
company is presents itself not just as a market participant, but as part of an all-Ukrainian movement to find solutions to energy problems in the country. Just one of these options is the new powerful FEM.

What benefits can they bring to ordinary Ukrainians? If earlier the main argument in favour of solar photo panels was their environmental friendliness, then with the increase in their power, home power plants become financially profitable for ordinary citizens.

The recoupment of a 370 watt solar power plant is 4-6 years. And then the Ukrainians can just make a profit using the “green tariff”. It works as follows: when installing a solar power plant in a private household, it connects to the house network, as well as to the “common” network. In the future, there is a fixation of the produced and consumed electricity for a month. In the event that more energy is produced than consumed, the grid pays the owner of the power plant for the excess generated energy.

““In Ukraine, the most common power of a home solar power station is 10 kW per hour (for comparison, a household refrigerator consumes on average 0.04 kWh). With new photo modules, this power can be obtained from a solar power station with an area of ​​about 53 m², i.e. 27 such photo panels, “said Andrei Miroshnichenko, head of Altek’s Kiev branch.

A power plant of 27 photo panels with a capacity of 370 watts can produce about 300 kWh in the winter months, and up to 1600 kWh in the summer. That is, in winter, with the help of FEM data, at a minimum, one can fully cover the electricity consumption of his household, and in the summer one can receive a good surcharge.

According to the decree “On the establishment of” green “electricity tariffs for private households” in the period from January 1, 2017 to December 31, 2019 – the “surcharge” tariff for electricity produced but not consumed is 554.26 kopecks / kWh.

Systems based on such panels can provide both the smallest household and huge industrial power plants. However, it is necessary to consider: “green tariffs” are valid only for power plants of private households whose capacity does not exceed 30 kWh.