Vadym Iermolaiev’s charity foundation made a gift to a children’s hospital
Минфин  26 September 2018

Unfortunately, the state cannot provide children’s hospitals with all the necessary equipment, while quite affordable devices can save the lives of many babies. In this situation, helping children and doctors becomes caring for those who are not indifferent, and saving lives begins to depend on the willingness to share their income with people you do not know.

Dnipropetrovsk Specialized Clinical Medical Center for Mother and Child
professor MF Rudneva recently received a valuable gift – an ultra-modern ultrasound medical system from GE Medical Systems worth over a million hryvnias. The equipment was provided by the Kiddo Charitable Foundation and purchased through a special-purpose contribution from the Dnipro businessman Vadym Iermolaiev.

The medical centre, where they perform complex operations for babies from the first days of birth, has long needed such equipment. The device was specially created for anesthesiologists, having the size of a book and light weight, it is equipped with two additional sensors that allow you to simultaneously “see through” body areas from different sides.

“Earlier, operations were performed “blindly”, an anesthetic or a catheter was injected, focusing on the general anatomical location of the organs, – explained the head of the medical unit, Oleksii Vlasov, – and using the device, we see where the vessel or nerve is located. This makes operations in young children safe, and helps not to injure internal organs. ”