Vadym Iermolaiev: The Ukrainian market is now interesting for foreigners
Личные финансы  16 November 2018

It is interesting for foreign investors to invest in Ukrainian high-tech projects, because there is very low competition in these areas of the global economy.

This was stated by Ukrainian businessman and investor Vadym Iermolaiev during the International Economic Forum, which was held on November 15, 2018 in Dnipro.

“Ukraine is an ideal investment environment for business. First, low competition in technological areas of the economy. Secondly, cheap logistics and low production costs, ”said Vadym Iermolaiev.

According to the entrepreneur, it is enough for foreigners to use a calculator to
calculate the profitability of any business and understand the payback period of their investments.

“It is profitable to invest in Ukrainian business, especially if you own new
technologies. A striking confirmation of this statement is our example of
cooperation with the Turkish company Baser. Together with them, our company at its time successfully launched an enterprise for the production of cleaning products Olvia. Our main competitor was then Procter & Gamble. After two years of our work, Procter & Gamble wanted to redeem our enterprise, and this transaction paid off all the investment a hundredfold,” says Vadym Iermolaiev.

The second example, which was brought by a businessman on the forum, is the successful ABM Technology case for launching the production of high-tech products – a dental implant.

“Our dental implant factory now competes with Swiss, Japanese, German and Korean companies. We have already successfully passed all authoritative certifications. Our products are already conquering the market in Ukraine, and we will go further, ”promised Vadym Iermolaiev.

For reference: Vadym Iermolaiev is a Ukrainian businessman and investor, one of the main developers of the Dnieper. Founder of such enterprises as Aksor, Miroplast, UDK, ABM Technology, Oscar, Dnepropress Steel, Alef-Vinal, Dnepr Gardens, Lunapak, Agroalliance. Founder of the company ALEF ESTATE, built in the Dnieper shopping center “Most-City”, TDK “Bosfor”, TDK “New Center”, IFC CASCADE PLAZA, TC Terra, Business Center “Prism”, TDK “Magnat”, TC “Our Truth” , TC “Cubometer”, TC on Pasteur.