12 August 2020

Vadym Iermolaiev, the famous businessman and the chairman of the “Alef” corporation council, told on his Facebook page about the technology applied at “The Dnipro Gardens” (“Sady Dnipra”) company for the harvest protection from hail and sun:

“Business is much about risks guessing and readiness for any adversities. Some negative factors in the agrarian field where the result depends often on the weather conditions beyond out control may be mitigated by the reasonable investments.

The special mesh protecting the harvest from hail and sunburns is installed in the entire area o the apple gardens of “The Dnipro Gardens” (“Sady Dnipra”) company (UApple). The high-quality mesh made in Italia required the considerable investments. However, it enabled the company to become less dependent on the weather.

There are known cases when one heavy hail shower destroyed 90% of harvest for the sake of which the numerous staff of the enterprise worked hard throughout the year. The mesh helped to protect the harvest of “The Dnipro Gardens” (“Sady Dnipra”) company from hail on two occasions even in this year. Moreover, it protects the apples from the strong sun daily and decreases the number of burns on their surface by much.

Such innovations enable our company to reap a high-quality harvest of premium apples which will win he countries of Asia, Europe and Middle East over as early as in autumn”, he said.