Vadym Iermolaiev: Development is not only about the price of the square meter. Art and good name in Alef Estate
  21 April 2023

“The state of excitement could be felt in Dnipro city before the war.

We waited for a certain “renaissance” in the city development. Hardly a week went by without any developer announcing its new project”, the businessman and the investor of the company Alef Estate Vadym Iermolaiev wrote about it on his page.

He said that the field developed very dynamically; that’s why the competition was strong. This competition had a positive stimulating effect on the developers of the city. Nobody was interested in price competition, especially in the premium segment. The developers competed according to the qualitative characteristics:

The competitive environment made us to use our creativity.



“When we reconstructed Pivdennyi boulevard, the idea of installation of the modern art sculpture here came to our mind. We contacted Zigura brothers, famous Ukrainian sculptors. They proposed the concept of the “Atlantean who bursts bonds”. These images can be interpreted in different ways. That’s why modern art is interesting because all people can find their vision of the piece of art. Finally, this sculpture became well recognizable like a certain symbol of Dnipro city. For example, I see it on each collage or video about Dnipro city. We decided to adhere to such a practice of cooperation with modern artists. We conceive the idea of installation of certain sculpture also in the new multi-purpose complex Ermolaev Center. However, we keep it secret and withhold details yet”, Iermolaiev said.



The cooperation with the famous street artist from Dnipro city, Valerii Kolor (ZdesRoy) is another example of the artists’ engagement in Alef Estate. The works of this guy became symbolic for city people so we decided to engage him in the creation of a mural close to one of our facilities. He pictured the goddess Diana and combined several styles in his work. These styles, in particular, portrait, art drawing, and graffiti were considered to be incompatible earlier. Each of them symbolizes the various art development period — from classicism to modern graffiti. As you can guess, we did not give any technical design specification to the artist. I believe that the more space for the fantasy the artist has, the better result will be received, even when it is a commercial job”, the developer noted.

Vadym Iermolaiev focused on the issue of faces illumination particularly:

“In most cases, we cooperate with the world-famous company Expolight in this aspect. This is the winner of many international competitions. And we are really glad that this company comes from our native Dnipro city, they are our “fellow-countrymen”. By the way, the team of Expolight brought many world-class awards and releases in European and American designated magazines to the facilities of Alef Estate as well. The illumination of the monument of architecture, The college of Culture and Arts in Dnipro city, was also carried out in cooperation with them at Alef Estate’s expense.

“And I really like in cooperation with them that their ideas inspire other people. This is not a senseless installation of various lamps. For example, when Alef Estate carried out the historical restoration of the Katerynoslav cloth factory in Dnipro city, Expolight came to us with the following concept: to illuminate the monument of architecture like some artefact, accentuate its considerable age, and elaborate upon all historical moments. So, the light fixtures are located so that to expose the historical inequalities of the face and show that this building is not an imitation of the structure built in the XIX century but it really belongs to this epoch and has a long history. Just value all subtle details of this project”, the businessman writes.



“Another example. We work on the illumination of our new apartment complex right now. This is Port City, the facility located at the Dnipro river’s edge. The key idea of the Port City apartment complex illumination is the creation of the effect of water movement on the face surface. The effect of the light waves will be also created in the territory around the complex. This will be achieved with the help of glass lenses manufactured by the company Expolight manually; this is fine work”.


“Thousands of details and subtle nuances — all of this makes each project of Alef Estate valuable. We treat each facility like a child in our company. I think that our customers can feel it, that’s why they trust us. Each of our project is a dream, and we want to make this dream come true.

Alef Estate’s mission is not only to erect the houses but also to build a modern European city. This is our position, and naturally, this is our competitive advantage”, Vadym Iermolaiev summarized.