16 May 2019

Ukrainian businessman and investor Vadym Iermolaiev told on his Facebook page why he implements the most of his business projects in Dnipro.

“They overgrew their city”. This is the name of the article about businessmen who achieved success and left the birth city afterwards, published in one popular magazine.

The very wording of this phrase presumes the following view of life: person uses all opportunities afforded by the birth city and looks for the better place of self-realization after their exhaustion.

There is another more impractical option: to stay at the place where you were born and to try to change this place for the better.

This is personal preference of everybody whether to make a contribution into
development of native city or to look for the best place for life.

I also made my choice. I have a simple answer to the question “Why the most of my projects are related to Dnipro?”: I like my city. So, I don`t want to overgrow my city. However, I want my city to develop together with me. As a matter of fact, it is real inspiration for me to make my home better”, he wrote.

Let us recall that Vadym Iermolaiev showed how Dnipro city changed after
implementation of developer’s projects of Alef Estate earlier.