Vadym Iermolaiev launched the construction projects in Dnipro city: which transformations our city waits for
Вести  12 August 2020

Alef Estate, the company of Vadym Iermolaiev, the famous Dnipro developer made public announcement of the start of construction of at once several new facilities in the city. Some of them waited for the start of construction within more than ten years.

Let’s consider the current status of the facilities upon which the active work is carried out and which transformations Dnipro city waits for after commissioning of all buildings.

1. The shopping and business center “Perekrestok” (“Crossroad”) (the crossroad of Hlynka and Kharkivska streets)

The scheduled time of commissioning: 2023

The shopping and business center “Perekrestok” (“Crossroad”) is one of the six facilities forming together the awesome mixed-use complex “Brama” (“Gate”) at the heart of Dnipro city. “Brama” (“Gate”) may be called one of the most ambitious architectural projects of the city. Total area of the complex is equal to200 thousand of square meters, and the highest facility of the complex will be 210 meters high (54 storeys).

The shopping and business center “Perekrestok” (“Crossroad”) is a second major element of the mixed-use complex. It will consist of two buildings: six and eighteen storeys. The commercial premises and the offices will be located there.

2. The multi-purpose complex Ermolaev Center

The scheduled time of commissioning: 2024

The facility combining the stylistics of the other significant facilities constructed by Vadym Iermolaiev is at the stage of the project further development.

New facility, Ermolaev Center will be located close to Katerynoslav boulevard. The whole quarter limited by the streets of Shevchenko, Pivdenna, Patorzhynskyi and Hohol being in a degraded condition will be reconstructed in the course of the complex construction.

Ermolaev Center will consist of three buildings of various number of storeys. 4-storeys building facing the red line will be intended for trade and offices. Average 13-storeys building will be used as an office building and will be located perpendicular to Shevchenko str. The high-altitude 19-storeys building located inside of the quarter will be the residential tower.

3. Shopping centre Artel (Katerynoslav cloth factory)

The scheduled time of commissioning: 2021

The restoration of the unique nationally significant architectural monument, Katerynoslav cloth factory goes on at the intersection of Dmytro Yavornytskyi avenue and Paster street. The most of Dnipro residents remember the factory building as the bread-baking plant which was located there since 1926 to the 2000s. The building was derelict after plant close-down.

The building of the Katerynoslav cloth factory will be used as the commercial building after renovation and will be named as the shopping centre Artel. It is planned to build the shopping mall behind the shopping centre Artel. The passage street in the style of Katerynoslavskyi Boulevard will divide the shopping mall and the architectural monument.

4. Apart complex Port City

The scheduled time of commissioning: 2022

The unique complex simulating the silhouette of the five-star liner is currently under construction opposite the Monastyrskyi island in Dnipro city.

The facility is intended for the apartments with the balconies with a beautiful view over Dnipro water area, Monastyrskyi island and Shevchenko park.

The commercial premises will be located at the first storeys of all sections where the yacht clubs, restaurants, child centers, coffee houses, leisure and water-based recreation centers may be opened.

5. Boulevard on Pivdenna street

This boulevard will become the stylistic continuation of Katerynoslavskyi boulevard. The main purpose of the project is creation of the “European area” at the very heart of Dnipro city which will become the worthy decoration of the city and will provide the residents of the city with an opportunity of enjoing the beautiful walks and the harmony of the city architectural ensemble.

The stream about 200 meters in length which will symbolize the underground river Polovitsa will be the special decoration of new boulevard.

Another new facility of Alef Estate, the residential complex “Katerynoslavskyi” which will be put into operation soon will be also located on the new boulevard.

6. The residential complex “Troitskyi”

The residential complex “Troitskyi” which will consist of two buildings is under construction on 5 Troitska street. One of the buildings is the architectural monument of local significance in analogy with the “Rental house” constructed as long as in 1913. Its face will be renovated historically. The second building is a new building which will be constructed in the style of eclectic modern. The combination of the architecture of XX century and the modern technologies will be reflected in the residential complex “Troitskyi”.

Reference: Alef Estate is a development company dealing with the development of business projects for the construction, sale and operation of commercial and residential real estate property.

Vadym Iermolaiev is a famous Ukrainian businessman and investor, chairman of the Counil of”Alef” corporation incorporating more than dozen of independent cross-sectional businesses.