Vadym Iermolaiev: MIROPLAST expands the facilities and implements new recycling technologies at the production site
  1 May 2023

The MIROPLAST company, the largest Ukrainian PVC-profile manufacturer, announced the further expansion of production volume.

The enterprise investor, Vadym Iermolaiev wrote about it on his Facebook page.

Despite all difficulties of work during the wartime situation, the manufacturer of the window and door profiles from Dnipro city goes on to improve its available range of products and add capacity. The installation of three new extruders Battenfeld-Cincinnati made in Austria is planned within the next few months. MIROPLAST can manufacture co-extruded profiles consisting of fresh raw materials from the outside and second-generation raw materials on the inside with the use of new equipment.

“Why is that so important?

Firstly, green focus. because the use of second-generation products in PVC window profile manufacturing is an innovative technology in the context of environment protection.

Secondly, improvement of the product quality. The profiles manufactured by the method of co-extrusion look like ordinary profiles but the use of refined raw materials for the internal membranes enables improvement of the physical and mechanical properties of the product.

Thirdly, The installation of new extruders will enable to increase in the potential monthly enterprise capacity. More products mean more export, and this means more support of the economics”, Vadym Iermolaiev wrote.

MIROPLAST plans to replace the equipment at the plant with a new one with an option of co-extrusion in the future.