16 May 2019

Vadym Iermolaiev raised a problem of unemployment among youth on his Facebook page.

The businessman was surprised that the indicator of number of unemployed young people is rather high. However, it is difficult to find young professionals of technical specialties on the employment market:

“They write that rate of unemployment among youth in Ukraine is equal to 18%. It’s strange. I can see that mere our corporation offers more and more workplaces every day, and it`s unlikely that we are so unique. To be sure, it is rather difficult to find new young employees. It is especially related to engineers, designers, projectors, and even machine operators.

What’s the matter than? Is it possible that all decided to study to be the philosophers? Well, I understand that we also need philosophers. But I want to address young people: we have to make a gross domestic product in our country.

So, we wait for heroes in work uniform to join the ranks of our corporation”.