Vadym Iermolaiev purchased the artificial lung ventilation apparatus for one of the hospitals in Dnipropetrovsk region
Город финансов  31 March 2020

Kiddo fund purchased the artificial lung ventilation apparatus of the highest class for one of the hospitals of Dnipropetrovsk region by means of contribution of the Ukrainian businessman Vadym Iermolaiev.

Ukraine still fights against the distribution of virus COVID-19 which is dangerous due to its complications – it causes atypical pneumonia in hard cases. The acute shortage of artificial lung ventilation apparatuses in our country is one of the main problems in this situation.

According to the official data of CDC, 20–30% of people suffering from the coronavirus disease need the intensive care at the moment of hospital admission.

Usually they are older people (at an average, 65 years old and more) suffering from chronic diseases. 47–71% from them needs artificial lung ventilation. The lack of artificial lung ventilation apparatuses became the crucial problem of the health care system in Italy which was ranked no. 1 internationally in terms of number of the fatal cases among persons infected with COVID-19. There are about 5000 artificial lung ventilation apparatuses (or 8.3 pcs per 100 thousand of citizens) in Italy according to data of the National Ministry of Emergency Situations (Protezione Civile).

As to Ukraine, our country has only 3600 apparatuses, i.e. 8.6 per 100 thousand of citizens.

Kiddo fund purchased the artificial lung ventilation apparatus of the highest class, Savina 300, for one of the hospitals of Dnipropetrovsk region by means of contribution of the “Alef” corporation Council Chairman Vadym Iermolaiev.

This equipment provides lung ventilation even for patients in the most critical condition. The equipment operates according to open breathing conception enabling patients to breathe freely at any moment of the ventilation therapy and under any pressure. This gives an incentive to unassisted breathing, enhances the patient`s comfort and accelerates the dishabituation from artificial lung ventilation apparatus.

Moreover, the respirators of protection class ffp2 and ffp3 were purchased for medical staff of Dnipropetrovsk region for money allocated by Vadym Iermolaiev thanks to which the number of masks in the hospitals of the region increased by four times. However, it is still insufficient.

Kiddo charitable organization appeals to ally against coronavirus and to help doctors in their provision will all the things needed.

“These people can`t go to quarantine. They can not bring their families out of town, closer to the vegetable plot and river. They can not stay at home and work in the online mode.

Our doctors and nurses say that the protection equipment and the sanitizers are in increasingly short supply”, the fund representatives refer to business and society. 

You may render assistance to Dnipro hospitals at the card number 5169  3305 1154 6225 or clicking through the link:

For reference: “Alef” corporation incorporates cross-sectional businesses operating in the sector of development, manufacturing of construction materials and the agrarian field. Vadym Iermolaiev is the Chairman of the “Alef” Corporation Council. Stanislav Vilenskyi is the deputy Chairman of the “Alef” Corporation Council.