Vadym Iermolaiev told about new fantastic public spaces which will appear soon in Dnipro city
  21 April 2023

Alef Estate company not just builds but creates high-quality residential space in spite of all difficulties.

The Ukrainian housing construction market has been in rapid evolution over the last years. Alef Estate company, one of the leaders in this field, erected and designed new facilities in Dnipro city constantly. Alef Estate had great plans at the beginning of 2022. The various projects designed by the architects waited for the construction to start in March. These plans were suspended on February 24, 2022. However, the war did not prevent the construction continuation. The work on the projects the construction of which was started earlier continued. No Alef Estate employee ever for a moment doubted that Ukraine will win. And all plans will be implemented. We talked to Vadym Iermolaiev, the businessman and investor, Chairman of the Board of “Alef” corporation about the fact of which influence had the latest events of the real estate property market, and on which projects Alef Estate is working now.

The Ukrainian real estate property market just stopped in March 2022. Nobody understood what happens next. The internally displaced persons started to buy residential buildings in the western regions of Ukraine in the summer of 2022, Vadym Iermolaiev says. Both the secondary market facilities and the newly-built buildings were in great demand. However, the situation was quite different in Dnipro city. People were reluctant to invest in real estate property in the front-line city. The situation has slightly changed only in February 2023. People made certain of Ukraine’s victory and started to recollect their pre-war plans. The market does not come back to the sale level of 2021 yet but the situation became distinctly better compared to 2022.

“Alef Estate not just builds particularly high-quality premium residential buildings but also invests big money and efforts into the improvement of the adjacent territory and creates comfortable residential space. You can see this through the example of Katerynoslavskyi boulevard and Pivdennyi boulevard in Dnipro city. Alef Estate’s mission is not only to erect the houses but also to build a modern European city. This is our competitive advantage”, Vadym Iermolaiev, the developer says.

According to Vadym Iermolaiev, Alef Estate continues to work on its facilities because they understand that the demand for high-quality residential buildings in Dnipro city will grow together with new victories of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. We asked the real estate developer Vadym Iermolaiev to tell us about Alef Estate projects transforming Dnipro city.

The residential complex Troitskyi was put into commission in December 2021. This is a historical building, a monument of architecture. Alef Estate reconstructed and renovated the profitable house built in the XIX century, and turned it into a comfortable residential space according to the standards of the XXI century.

The idea of the stages unification is the basis of the complex architectural concept. According to the author’s plan, modernity has to exist always looking back to history. So, the historical and modern buildings complement each other naturally in the residential complex Troitskyi.

Ermolaev Center is under construction now. This is the premium real estate property segment. This facility will be built in the Scandinavian style inspired by the “hygge” concept. Alef Estate creates a well-balanced space involving accommodation, office premises, shops, and restaurants.

The most important is the fact that this is not only a residential space or business environment. This is the creation of a harmonious world. The inner yards with beautiful decorations open to the public will become recreation areas for all city people and create a feeling of freedom and harmony for the residents and renters.

The apartment complex Port City is also under construction now. It is located on the quay by the Dnipro river bank. The window overlook the magnificent view of the river and Monastyrskyi island. Except for the building itself, Alef Estate creates the promenade quay with bicycle tracks and a beautiful garden leading to the river’s edge.

The spacious scenic balconies enabling you to feast your eyes on the sunset or start the day with a cup of rich coffee is a special thing about this suite of rooms. Monastyrskyi island and the park named after  Shevchenko are located within walking distance of this complex. The residents of Port City will be able to start their day by running, doing water sports, spending time with children outdoors, and enjoying the sunset at the quay.

The residential complex Industrial is built on the left bank of Dnipro, next to the shopping centre “Nasha Pravda”. This complex will be the first project of Alef Estate outside of the central part of the city. “And we hope to set the new construction standard in the other parts of Dnipro city”, Vadym Iermolaiev comments.