16 May 2019

Vadym Iermolaiev considers that lack of trust in Ukrainian products is one of the factors preventing the development of Ukrainian production. He wrote about it on his Facebook page.

“Do you know what restrains the Ukrainian production? This is lack of trust in own products. We have such mentality feature as lack of trust in ourselves. We have fear that the Ukrainian product is a bad product misrepresented as good one.

Ukrainian production is restrained by marketing experts who point at the fact that the product is imported from Germany/Switzerland/Japan as the main advantage of the product when they sale it. We may trust in product provided it is not “our”. We may not think over, study characteristics and see the production. All of this is a magic of the word “import”, he said in this post.

Moreover, Vadym Iermolaiev told about his experience of commissioning of
innovative products in Ukraine, as well as about the struggle for products released there:

“We got involved in war with Ukrainian consumers for Ukrainian products at the moment of commissioning of the Ukrainian dental implants manufacturing plant ABM Technology. Transparency was the dominant weapon of Ukrainian plant.

We say at our plant: come to us and see. You may even not to listen us if you do not believe us. Just believe your eyes. You trust in plants in Germany. But just see that our plants are better.

We see that we have some victories already in this field. However, the main
struggles for Ukrainian products are ahead.

Let’s believe in Ukrainian production. Let’s believe in ourselves. We have to
believe in ourselves. Otherwise the rest of the world won’t believe in us?”, he wrote.